Yuliia Korienkova aka Uliia is a visual artist who has devoted her life to robotic art. Her art is inspired by and dedicated to the technological progress propelled by the power of Artificial Intelligence. And she is turning heads in the art world. Here’s her story. Let’s delve.

Yuliia studied painting at the Kharkiv State School of Art, and has additional qualifications in engineering, philosophy and computer programming. She has participated in several exhibitions in Europe and in the Middle East. The philosophy of Yuliia’s art that makes it so innovative and unorthodox is: While human society rapidly evolves from consumers to users, and everything is being transformed into applications and devices, art has to be transformed as well. Yuliia brings different artistic techniques together on the canvas and adds a third dimension to her paintings with the help of technology. The result is – an art that interacts with the onlookers, literally! Yuliia’s artworks can literally be digitally charged, customized and even used as technological applications.

Another reason why Yuliia’s art is making waves in the community is her ability to explore and exploit robots and AI through her art which is rare. It’s like she is showing the world  possible outlooks of their future evolvement or put simply, how the future is going to look. Yuliia makes use of recycled materials to create her artworks. She even upcycles trash and creates treasure out of them in the form of innovative and unorthodox concepts.

No wonder this young female artist has managed to earn a reputation for her art across the Middle East and Europe, where everyone is her fan.

Yuliia’s goal is to promote discussions, innovations, and progressive ideas through her art for a better world. She says, “It is my aim to let people know that our times are different, powerful, and bright.”



Featured Image courtesy of Yuliia Korienkova