Hulu seems to be a good competition for Netflix as they offer tv shows, movies, live tv, and more! Hulu is perfect for limited tv series just like Netflix; however, this time around, their focus seems to be about history that will never be forgotten. Thursday, January 6th, a new limited series is coming to ABC, and Hulu called Women of the Movement.

Mamie Till, the mother of murdered 14-year-old Emmett Till, will have her story told and describe the pain brought onto her life. She was an educator and an activist who became a well-respected leader in what some believe started the civil rights movement. Mamie Till wanted a public wake and insisted that there was no closed casket during the funeral services. She wanted the world to see what the men did to her son. Through this tragedy, we see her strength, and sixty-seven years later, we hear her story. She firmly believed that her son’s death showed her that whatever happens to any black person had better be the business of all black people. His life made her a mother, but his death made her a fighter.

Be sure to catch this historic series Thursday at 8 pm EST on ABC. Stream it on Hulu.