Hurricane Ida was classified as a category 4 storm early this past Sunday morning. All of Orleans Parish, including the city of New Orleans, lost power due to Ida. John Bel Edwards, the Governor of Louisiana, warned residents that Hurricane Ida could be amongst the strongest to hit Louisiana since the 1850s. Even though the news has been covering the storm only so much could be done and seen before Ida made her presence known. Social media has been the mecca of communication and news updates from residents in the area. Twitter had countless tweets coming from a variety of users trying to get information out about boats, hospital help, and who would open their doors for shelter. Meanwhile, TikTok had videos of trees demolishing homes, businesses underwater, and families separated. Even Instagram had photos and videos uploaded of the horrendous hurricane. Social media seems to be the main source of communication for residents in Louisana as they try to find help, locate family members, and grab essentials that are needed. The unfortunate death toll rises to six and one million people are still without power. If you or anyone you know would like to help in any way, there are different websites that you can visit to lend a helping hand from your home. While the city can not accept money, the officials recommend donating to the United Way of Southeast Louisiana and The Greater New Orleans Foundation. You can also visit GoFundMe as there is a page dedicated to Hurricane Ida relief.