Do You Know Black? is a multi-platform brand aimed at celebrating and educating on Black history and culture in a fun and engaging way. Their mission is to deliver conversation by curating content and experiences that entertain, inform, and empower the black community, while also creating a safe space for individuals of all backgrounds to learn about the rich and diverse history of the Black Experience.

Please tell us who is Darnell and Alyssa Gilet? 

Alyssa: I like to call us corporate creatives because we wear different hats. I am a marketer by day with a background in brand partnerships, event production, and communications. Darnell’s professional background is in talent acquisition, diversity strategy, and project management. 

However, outside of corporate work, we are content creators, event producers, editors, designers – you name it. We are proud nerds passionate about storytelling, history, and entertainment, so it has been exciting to merge them with House Party Entertainment. 

Can you tell us more about your companies, also what inspired the launch of House Party Entertainment, and Do You Know Black?

Darnell: House Party Entertainment is a live event and digital media production company dedicated to amplifying stories of diversity and culture through storytelling, education, and entertainment. 

The company was inspired by our first product launch, a Black pop culture trivia card game called House Party the Game. After we released the game, we wanted to create a product inclusive of Black history. We saw a unique opportunity to develop a game show format, and Do You Know Black? was born. We launched House Party Entertainment shortly after because we saw a need for more positive, thought-provoking entertainment that amplifies and elevates Black stories.  

Why do you feel it was important to have our own version of an educational game show, aside from the ones that are famously known today?

Alyssa: As Black people, we have such a rich background, and, unfortunately, much of it has been lost, buried, and overlooked throughout our history. We are both knowledge seekers and love learning something new every day. So, we decided to share that information with the masses in a unique and non-medicinal way. 

The beauty of game shows has been that they are largely universal and unifying. So, it made perfect sense to pursue this format when we wanted to share Black stories. While the show is by and about us as Black people, it truly is for everyone. We have viewers of all backgrounds who tell us how much they enjoy Do You Know Black? because it is an open, safe space to learn about our history and culture. 

Why did you incorporate categories such as arts and entertainment, business and innovation, and the sciences in the game show?

Darnell: Our goal was to showcase the diversity and significance of Black contributions globally. We often associate Black success and achievement with prominent entertainers, athletes, and business moguls. While we have done amazing things in those fields, we have contributed much more to the fabric of our global society. It was important to highlight all areas where we have thrived, not only as a reminder but as an encouragement for future generations.

Going into each episode, what would you like each contestant and audience member to take away from the experience?

Alyssa: We want viewers and contestants to leave saying, “Wow, that’s fascinating. I had no clue. I’m going to look that up later.” Selfishly, we want everyone to be as excited, energized, and engaged as we have been as we continue to learn more. We are grateful that it has been an overwhelming response from the show’s contestants and viewers. 

We tape the show in front of a live studio audience, and the energy in the room after each episode is indescribable to anyone not there. It is seriously almost magical. So many people came to us afterward telling us how refreshing and amazing the experience was for them. We still receive positive messages daily from viewers as they watch it for the first time. That makes all the blood, sweat, and tears worth it. 

What would you like our views to gain from this interview? 

Alyssa: We hope viewers leave with a better understanding of our motivation behind creating Do You Know Black? and the House Party brand. It goes far beyond making entertainment for us. We believe a strong sense of self instills pride that has the power to change the world. We are grateful for this opportunity to contribute to our community by doing what we love. 

How can people connect with you?

Darnell: We truly appreciate the support. We encourage everyone to subscribe to the House Party Entertainment channel on YouTube, where you can check out Do You Know Black? and our other new shows. You can also follow us on Instagram (@doyouknowblack) and Tik Tok (@doyouknowblk) to keep up with us in real time. We have more exciting projects coming in 2023 so stay tuned.

Photo Credits: Xiana Gutierrez of C’est La Zee Photography