Sara Im is a survivor of a Mass Genocide of Cambodia (AKA the Killing Fields), an Inspirational Speaker,Award-Winning Author and Wellness Consultant. she helps people go beyond survival and live a fulfilling life harmoniously on a personal and professional basis.

Please tell our Sheen readers more about yourself, Sara.

I came to the United States of America in 1981, escaping from the war-torn country of Cambodia, and began my new life in Conn, determined to pursue a better life. I started learning the language and new skills to find employment, then attending college. After I graduated, I became a U.S citizen and married 31 years living in Largo, FL. I am a health and wellness entrepreneur that owns a business, “Smart Healthy Living.” I published my memoir in 2015, “How I Survived the Killing Fields, A Story of Hope, Love, and Determination.”  I also speak at various events to share my impactful life journey.   

What does it mean to pivot, and how are you pivoting during the pandemic?   

To pivot means finding a different way to conduct business and serve our community. I’m shifting by turning to technology to serve my business networking group, wellness group, and customers through Zoom conferences. I turned one of my entrepreneur conferences into a virtual conference. I co-create an online platform to allow our guests to share their stories and journey to inspire others.

How did you make it out of Cambodia, and what was it like for you? 

I made it out of Cambodia by escaping through the wild jungle, crossing the border of Cambodia and Thailand. It was a very risky journey where I could have stepped on land mines, poisonous snakes, or severely injured by getting shot at by the patrol guards. It was a miracle; praise God for protecting me during this escape. I arrived safely at the refugee camps supported by United Nations and many humanitarian organizations.   

Please tell us more about your book and where can we purchase your book? 

My book was published in 2015, “How I Survived the Killing Fields, A Story of Hope, Love, and Determination.” I share the remarkable adversities I faced and how I found my way to freedom.  My readers find it to be a compelling story. Beyond the physical and psychological demands of life in a forced labor camp for four years, I battled multiple serious diseases simultaneously. With no access to medical care, nutrition, proper rest or adequate sleep, I was near death several times. However, with hope, love and determination, along with my strong religious faith and love for my family, I managed to regain my health and escape the horrific oppression plaguing my homeland. 2 Million Cambodians died within four years ruling of the Khmer Rouge Communist Regime 1975-1979.  My readers draw strength from my story and develop a positive perspective in their own life. You can find my book here. 

What are some of your most significant accomplishments?    

Some of my accomplishments are, #1. My survival and my escape from Khmer Rouge Communist Regime;

#2. My ability to bring my family out of danger;

#3. My book received the award for the most Inspirational Story in 2015 by Richter Publishing;

#4. My inspirational speaking business when I can help many people get inspired and live life harmoniously

#5. My leadership role in serving the small business community;

#6. My college degree. 

What advice would you give someone who would like to embark on your expertise?  

When facing adversity, strengthen your confidence with your faith, your love relationship, hold on to Hope and Determination. “Hope moves you forward and makes obstacle bearable.”   

What sense of purpose have you drawn from your culture or your community? 

I drew a sense of purpose from my community to help people by encouraging, promoting a sense of healing and wellness, building confidence and resilience to live a productive life.  

What else can we expect from you in 2021?

In 2021, you can expect me to produce more events: conferences, seminars, and workshops to teach, encourage and inspire my community to build confidence and resilience to live a fulfilling life harmoniously spirit, soul, and body

 Where can we find you? 

You can find me on my website, LinkedIn, Flvec, and Facebook.



All images courtesy of Sara Im