Thank God for R&B. On Wednesday July 27th, Brittney Boston of I Am Musicology hosted and curated “A Night of R&B” at the Soho House Warehouse in downtown Los Angeles. The night began with a panel of black executives in the music industry and was followed by performances from 4 talented singer-songwriters. 

The panel consisted of Len Brown (The Recording Academy), J.Marie (ASCAP), and Candace Newman (LIVE OUT L!VE) – all of whom delivered an informative and powerful word to all independent creatives in the room. The performers consisted of TiDUS, Mayila, Punk Adams, and Nam Jonez. The venue’s ambient lighting and cozy layout made for the perfect setting. 

Each artist took advantage of the intimate set up and put their unique personas and deliveries on full display. Before their performances, Sheen had a moment to briefly speak with the artists.

What do you want fans to know about you?

Mayila: Life is hard for everybody no matter how hard it looks on the outside but it’s never an excuse. Just do it afraid.

TiDUS: I want the people to know that TiDUS brings awareness to the power that is within. The power that we all possess within to change our own world and to change our world together. We’re all powerful beings on earth. That’s my message.

Punk Adams: What I want the people to know about Punk Adams is that he’s now afraid to take creative risk, and he’s willing to go all the way out there. R&B has a new look.

Nam Jonez: Nam Jonez is a sincere R&B singer. I love “love,” but I also love to encourage people to be by themselves and not get hurt so much. I make music for the broken-hearted.

What is your contribution to R&B?

Mayila: Creativity!

TiDUS: My contribution to the Rhythm and the Blues is love, empowerment, and inspiration. We can empower each other in the bedroom. We can empower each other in the office. We can empower each other wherever. But all that has to come from a place of love which is ultimately what I speak about.

Punk Adams: I really shouldn’t just say R&B because it’s universal. It’s all from experience. I’m a very emotional artist so I always draw from the things that I’ve been through, and I write all of my music.

Nam Jonez: My contribution to R&B is like I stated, I make music for the broken hearted. I love to help and heal people. I come from the church so I like to bring that element to R&B and give it some soul. Some real R&B. Some real singing.

Who are your King and Queen of R&B?

Mayila: The Queen is definitely Brandy, and the King is Usher.

TiDUS: That’s a tough one. I’m gonna have to say between Mary J. Blige and Whitney. King. I’m an old school fan so Luther Vandross or Teddy Pendergrass. I grew up listening to that vibe. Michael Jackson is you wanna throw him in there, but he’s Pop. But Luther and Teddy P., them boys are the players.  

Punk Adams: My king of R&B is gonna be Usher. The Confessions album alone – he deserves all the praise. Queen of R&B, I’m gonna have to say the Queen of R&B/Soul Mary J. Blige.

Nam Jonez: The king and queen of R&B is everybody who makes R&B.

IAmMusicology successfully delivered another entertaining but educational event. We’re looking forward to seeing what they do next.

*Photo Credit: Yachi