​After all the buzz surrounding one of the hottest new reality shows, The Moscatels: A Family Full of Luxury, Love and Drama, the excitement grows even bigger. Just this afternoon, reality alum and celebrity Larsa Pippen announced that she will be making an appearance on Season 2 of the show! This afternoon, Larsa posted on her Instagram account that she was excited to be on The Moscatels with her friends and stars of the show, Cole and Kelsea Moscatel. The announcement was quickly followed up by confirmation from Kelsea Moscatel and the show’s Instagram account. Larsa is no stranger to the reality tv world, so it will be very exciting to see her in a new setting. Cole and Kelsea have established a longstanding relationship with Larsa over the last year that has come to fruition from Snob Concierge, Cole and Kelsea’s esteemed luxury concierge service. Snob Concierge is extremely selective with who they work with and offer incredible concierge services to high-profile celebs and CEO’s worldwide. So it is no wonder they have developed a successful partnership with Larsa. With fans already excited about the show, the breaking news of Larsa’s upcoming appearance has them even more thrilled for the season two release. Larsa may just not be the only familiar face we see this season, as it has been rumored that many other celebs will be making a debut as well. Which comes as no surprise since the Moscatels are extraordinarily well connected in the entertainment industry. Whether it’s the announcement of Larsa and future celebs, the sightings of multi-million dollar yachts on set, or the incredible fashion that’s been seen coming from Cole and Kelsea, it’s certain that season two will be something remarkable. An official release date has not yet been announced, but the premiere has been set for sometime soon this summer.