How could someone I trust, hurt me so bad?

I put so much expectation in you just to be let down

You made me believe this time would be different

And no one else would love me more than you

You assured me that things were going to be fine

That we were moving at a smooth pace

And everything was under control

I gave you the power you asked for

Not realizing you weren’t strong enough to hold it

Never did I imagine that you would treat me this way

Leaving me with yet another heartbreak

I knew things were going too fast,

That something wasn’t right

But I trusted that you were strong enough to lead

The things you would say

The way you would make me feel

How you treated me

Spoiled me

Loved on me

All came to a crash when the next shimmer of glitter

Came across your eyes

It crushed me to know

I went against my instincts and you did exactly what you said you wouldn’t do

I’m a grown woman crying alone

Because I wasn’t strong enough to walk away

But I want you to know as I piece this puzzle of my heart again

I learned a valuable lesson

And that’s to move on when the signs aren’t right

When things are out of control

And when I’m unsure of where I’m headed

I’m not giving up on love

Because you weren’t man enough for me

I take full responsibility for the role I played in this situation

For not being the adult, I was supposed to be

Not allowing myself to speak up

And be the protector of me

I was responsible for me

You were responsible for you

So, I thank you for the lesson

Looking forward to the future

Never to make the same mistake again

Because I’m worth more than any label

You could ever dangle before my eyes