Melt; A term used by wig wearers everywhere. It has become the staple for a South Jersey based stylist who is dominating the lace frontal game. Iman, creator and head stylist of Mancé Melts, at just 22 years of age has not only single handedly built her business from the ground up but has also gained herself a wave of clientele throughout the tri-state area who have all raved over her talents.

Wigs have always been a popular trend for most. Wearing one is a natural way to spice your look up while keeping your real hair protected underneath from heat damage or over manipulation. The stigma surrounding wigs, and the reason people turn their noses up at the notion of wearing one, is that they look fake. In the past, wigs have been obvious looking, made from synthetic fibers with overly thick hairlines. With the immense public notoriety of stars such as Beyoncé and Tyra Banks, wigs started to garner a different reaction and become more mainstream. Eagle-eyes viewers quickly realized that it was possible to make a natural looking wig, and the trend caught on like wildfire.

What Mancé Melts does is create a flawless look by using multiple techniques, including the melting of her namesake, to provide the client with the most natural look. The idea behind Mancé Melts is to produce the illusion that the hair is in fact the clients’ own, “melting” the lace into the client’s skin in a seamless blend. “Melting” is a colloquial term used in the wig community. It does not require any actual fire, just hands experienced enough to create a hairline that is unclockable. This process makes you as the customer more confident in your look.

I myself have had the experience of getting “Melted by Mancé” and I was astonished by the final results. When I visited Iman, I was planning on having a night out with friends and chose to have something special done to my hair. I am familiar with wigs, as I have worn them for years, but like some, I’m not that skilled in the art of creating a seamless look. So, I knew I needed to make an appointment with Mancé Melts to ensure the best outcome.

Booking an appointment is extremely simple. I easily booked an appointment through the number attached to the Mancé Melts Instagram page. Next, I was asked a few basic questions such as what I wanted to get done and a time estimate. Some wig customization, such as cut and color, must be done in advance to the official appointment. The hair is often dropped off to the stylist approximately one week before the scheduled session. I put down a deposit, as it is required when booking to secure your spot, and everything was all set for me to get “Melted by Mancé”!

The process didn’t take as long as you might think. Iman is extremely professional and made sure every little detail was perfect, all while making me feel comfortable. She even provided me with a wig cap and tips and tricks on how to maintain the hair over the course of the install. How the hair is taken care of after the melting process is extremely important to the overall staying power of the wig. Lace is delicate, and can be burned, torn, or bald in some spots if handled improperly. With Iman’s extensive knowledge on wigs, she can easily answer any fears or concerns clients might have about how to handle their wig from home.

When she turned me around towards the mirror to see the final look, I was in shock. I myself believed that the hair came from my own scalp. The install was so nicely done. I would recommend this stylist to anyone. Mancé Melts doesn’t just specialize in wigs. Iman has an assortment of hairstyles that she can deliver flawlessly so she is able to do something for everyone. She specializes in all hair types, including natural. Anything from blowouts, to ponytails are available services rendered. If you are looking to book, you can visit her Instagram page Mancé Melts. When booking with Mancé Melts, you will not be disappointed.

This feature was submitted by Ayesha Jones

My name is Ayesha Jones I’m 23 years old living in New Jersey. I’m a communications major who is passionate about fashion, beauty, and lifestyle and I love writing about it.

Featured Image courtesy of Mancé Melts