What is it? What is wrong with me? Questions that are often asked to oneself because we never realized our worth. We allow ourselves to become a “doormat” because we don’t understand our value.

Have you ever felt like life for you was depreciating? Have you ever felt that you were undervalued? It becomes a normal practice to accept being tolerated but not being loved.

We get to a place to where we become numb to being misused and not being valued. You have to get to a place to where you say not this time. You upgrade your level of thinking and speak life over yourself. Begin to love yourself even when others don’t. Applaud your self and not look for applause from others. Get to a place where you realize that you were a hidden treasure waiting to be found. Begin to understand that there is greatness on the inside of you. You are smart, you are beautiful/handsome, you are unique. There is only one you.

Take care of yourself. Exhibit strength, exhibit power, exhibit confidence and surety about who you were created to be. The price tag on you is not readable because you are priceless. Begin to see yourself as being worth it. Walk into your destiny accessorized with confidence and a smile allowing no one to depreciate your worth. You are worth it.