Anner J. Echols is passionate about fashion and has spent the last three decades making her mark in the entertainment and fashion industries. As the CEO and producer of Dreamland Productions and the publisher of The Cover Magazine, Anner has brought her passion to life while helping others achieve their dreams along the way. So, how does she do it? From her magazine to her production company, Anner dishes the details in this Sheen Magazine exclusive!

Please tell us how you pivot?

I was very aggressive and persistent during the pandemic and I discipline myself to adapt to the changes and challenges and it propelled me to be more creative with my craft and I manage during the pandemic while staying in contact with potential clients, fans, and supporters, I had to upgrade my digital marketing and promotional strategies and websites and change my mindset from face-to-face to virtual to protect and grow my business during the recession.

How has the pandemic impacted your business base, and what were the obstacles or challenges you have encountered?

Surviving as an entrepreneur during the pandemic has been very challenging. I had to work hard and stay in survivor mode, which required me to pivot to stay afloat. I had to rely on social media, other sources, and my website to connect with customers and find out that we were all facing the same economic challenges. The challenges I encountered did not crush my entrepreneurial spirit but instead caused me to look for opportunities to succeed and embrace the changes I needed to make during a recession. I had to be more aggressive, look for and rely on resources that could assist me in continuing to grow a successful business in the midst of a pandemic.

What was that moment like when you found out you were nominated for the red blazers?

I was overwhelmed, thrilled, surprised, delighted, moved beyond words, and honored to be recognized for my hard work, leadership and achievements. I humbly accepted the award with deep appreciation to Dr. Carl Wilson and thanked him for choosing me as a Red Blazer recipient of Excellence for the All-Women Rock Award.  

Please list all of your accomplishments during the pandemic.

We have continued to schedule and set up consultations and virtual meetings with the dream team and staff during the pandemic. We produced “The Cover” Magazine, Dreamland TV Shows, Unveil and Reveal Celebrations in Memphis, Los Angeles, Orlando, Radio and Podcast interviews while working closely with Ambassador, Author Miyoshi Umeki Gordon. Miyoshi has been a tremendous asset to Dreamland Productions and The Cover Magazine, assisting us in making dreams a reality.

Where can we find you?

I can be contacted via my website or connect with me on my personal Facebook, The Cover Magazine Facebook, The Cover Magazine Instagram, Dreamland Productions Instagram, Twitter, and business phone: (901) 650-4955.




All images provided by Anner Echols