I’ve stepped into my red-head era, and I’m not looking back anytime soon. This year’s “To-Do List” includes trying something new every single month, and changing up my look with a hair color change was one of my most recent adventures. I’ve always wanted to see my locs in a color besides dark, dark brown, but imagining weighty and toxic formulas damaging my hair terrified me.

When I first heard about LeaLuo‘s Galaxy Paint color masks, I was intrigued because not only were these super vibrant pigments, but their ingredient list seemed too good to be true. With 100% Vegan ingredients, the LeaLuo Galaxy Paints contain various essentials that give color, shine, and moisture to the hair. The LeaLuo Semi-permanent color masks retail for $21, and are available in eight electrifying colors. Each mask—whether red, pink, orange, light or dark blue, green, or yellow—is more intense on bleached and lighter hair; however, that didn’t stop me from giving one a try on my nearly black-colored hair.

The Mars Red Galaxy Paint was a part of my DIY experiment, and I have to say, I was impressed. Antioxidant ingredient, Lingonberry Oil (known for its high content of antioxidants and nutrients) is infused for moisturizing and conditioning, and it did just that. Keep reading for more about my experience and results!

Before beginning the entire four hour process, I read the color mask instructions, watched one YouTube video for tips, then jumped right into an experimental evening. I really appreciated how clear and uncomplicated the LeaLuo directions were, and as someone who’s never gotten color done, “easy-to-follow instructions” was truly one of my top three desires in this process. 

I started the process by washing my hair twice, using LeaLuo’s Dip In Shampoo. After rinsing, I towel-dried my hair and separated it into four sections. I applied a heaping amount of the Mars Red Galaxy Paint to each section and spread out the mask by finger combing using my vinyl glove-protected hands. I wasn’t sure how much of the red color would actually show up on my hair, if at all. So, wanting the color to show up as much as possible, I used about 90% of the tube. And maybe the warm scent of sparkling bergamot and cedarwood had something to do with it too. 

Once my whole head was saturated with bright red paint, I covered my crown with a plastic cap, and sat under a dryer with medium heat, for about thirty minutes. LeaLuo, however, recommends leaving the Galaxy Paint in for 3-10 minutes, depending on the desired intensity. When the drying was complete, I rinsed my hair and finished with the Dip In Conditioner. I, then, towel-dried my hair and proceeded to styling.

After finishing the wash and masking process, at first glance, my hair still looked dark brown. I was salty initially because it didn’t look like my hair had retained any of the red color. But, I continued on with my usual detangle, blow dry, and press. And after I began to straighten my hair, the tint clearly shined through, and I was geeked. I absolutely loved the subtle red on me. 

What I love the most about this hair color bomb is its lightweight formula, and ability to give my hair a beautiful, super silky finish. If you keep up frequently with my hair stories, you know that my hair and heavy products don’t mix well. And as someone who styles with heat and has oil-prone hair, not all products are compatible under these circumstances. That said, this color mask doubles as a moisturizer and doesn’t make my hair flat or sticky, giving it volume and shine. 

It’s been multiple washes since first tinting my hair, but the color is still going strong. LeaLuo promises the color to last about 15 washes depending on hair and quality. Depending on your preferences, the semi-permanent hair mask is definitely worth trying whether you’re looking for a vibrant color (with bleaching first), or for a tint. Although mild, the red shines more when light hits my hair. These images don’t do it justice, but the intensity is soft but still noticeable. I personally preferred that, particularly because it appears more natural and delicate. What color should I try next?

My Quick Tinting Tips:

  • Apply Vaseline to your hairline and ears to prevent staining on your skin.
  • Use gloves and wear a tee that you don’t mind getting product on!
  • Dry hair with a dark towel.
  • Squeeze the hair mask into a hair color mixing bowl for an easier application.
  • Consider asking your hairdresser to apply the color for less mess at home.
  • Give the mask a try!

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