Waking up to perfectly curled and fluffy eyelashes is a satisfaction like no other. Oh the luxury to just “get up and go.” And though applying mascara or false strip lashes daily is a solid option, eyelash extensions promise volume, length, and longer wears.

I’ve always adored lashes, but when I was a broke college student, biweekly lash appointments just couldn’t be a necessity added to my budget. Therefore, I would turn to DIY eyelash extensions. And because I got the hang of applying them on my own, I didn’t mind being my own lash tech for the rest of my life. On the contrary, however, while I loved the way my lashes looked, the glue and extensions I used were just too damaging on my natural lashes for me to continue frequently. That said, in 2020 I decided that my at-home lash extension “career” had to come to an end. Or, at least I thought.

When I first heard of lash brand, Urban Doll and their Level Up™ Full Lash Starter Kit, I was elated…and skeptical. Salon-quality and long-lasting looks that I can do myself, without jeopardizing my lash health, sounded too good to be true. But I couldn’t resist, so I recently tried Urban Doll’s lash kit, and y’all, I’m unashamedly hooked.

Based in Los Angeles, Urban Doll is a lash brand turning heads and creating killer looks with luxury and customizable, at-home lash experiences without spending hours at the salon, worrying about mascara running, or the hassle of re-applying false lashes daily. Urban Doll’s Level Up™ Full Lash Starter Kit gives you all of the essentials needed to literally level up your lash game.

The starter kit includes two sets of lashes, a lash bond, bonding sealant, a precision applicator, and a lash removal serum. The pre-designed lash extensions are handcrafted by real lash artists, and come in three different stunning styles to choose from: natural, soft glam, and full glam. The sets come in lash clusters crafted with flexible, soft cotton fibers making the extensions super lightweight and giving ultimate comfort. The full glam “Fantasy” lashes made my round eyes look so glamorous, with an application process that’s less time-consuming and cheaper than lash extensions done in the shop.

Urban Doll’s Noir Lash Bonding Agent creates a strong, long-lasting hold, made without any harsh chemicals like cyanoacrylate, formaldehyde, latex, or parabens. This patent-pending, hypoallergenic formula is waterproof, dries quickly with no mess, and holds the lashes strong for up to 2 weeks. Applied after the Noir Lash Bonding Agent, the Feather Control Lash Bonding Sealant extends the wear of the DIY lash extensions, plus removes any feeling of sticky residue after applying. The light micro-tip applicator delivers a precise application, blends lashes together, and helps prolong the durability of your lash extensions. Both bond products are key to a secure, full set of extensions.

As someone who’s pretty savvy with applying lash extensions, practice definitely makes perfect no matter the brand. In the past, using semi-permanent, individual lash glue was sometimes really taxing and messy on the eyes. And I have to say, the application process with Urban Doll’s 2-System Bond products has absolutely been the easiest I’ve experienced so far.

One of the major differences between DIY extensions and strip lashes is the placement. Strip lashes are adhered to the top of the lash line, while extensions are attached to the natural lashes underneath the lid.

This method might sound invasive, but it’s actually key to the falsies appearing much more natural and inconspicuous. With the Level Up Kit, you start by brushing the lash bond onto both your lashes and the individual segments. The bond adhesive coats the natural lashes (similarly to mascara), and preps them for adding in the extensions. Once you add the segments to your natural lashes, the extensions amazingly stick firmly in place. If you want to readjust a lash segment, you can, with some tug and reapplying the bond adhesive to the segment.

When you’re ready to remove the extensions, the Purify Lash Removal Serum leaves your lashes clean and nourished. The serum is 100% hypoallergenic and moisturizes the skin around the eyes, helping to keep your lashes strong and healthy. It contains lash-nourishing ingredients like coconut oil to provide an easy and damage-free removal process. The brand doesn’t recommend reusing the lashes more than once for hygienic reasons, however, with proper care, some users say they’ve been able to successfully sanitize and reuse the lashes!

Although I’ve had semi-permanent lash glues that have lasted a bit longer, Urban Doll’s bond products did not result in any lash loss. They provide a major hold, yet are lightweight enough to prevent natural lash fall or pull out, unlike many traditional adhesives. Ending up with sparse and brittle natural lashes was the biggest reason why I stopped DIY-ing individual lashes, and the kit by Urban Doll is way less harsh on my natural lash fibers.

These extensions enhance every eye shape and are super comfy to wear…so no poking, itching, or heaviness. I also love that the brand provides tutorials (and 24/7 support!) to read and watch the 3-step application process making it easy for all skill levels, whether you’re a beginner or expert. Based on the look of the lashes, the process, the formulas, and all that’s included in the kit, I’d definitely recommend snagging Urban Doll’s lash kit. Not only is it fair market value, but it’s also a quality and gentle alternative to expensive salon visits and daily strip lashes.

To shop and learn more about Urban Doll and the Level Up™ Full Lash Starter Kit, visit!