iamCompton is exactly what his name embodies: born and raised in the streets of East Compton, Ca. While you may recognize his face for being the lead visionary for Compton’s very first tattoo shop on VH1’s television series Black Ink Crew: Compton, real name Danny “KP” Kirkpatrick is actually far more than just a tattoo artist — he’s a HipHop Artist with something to say.

Now, he returns with his newest release, a loosie freestyle titled “TALK OF LA” which released the same evening as the premiere of Season 2’s Black Ink Crew: Compton. The record itself was inspired by the late great Chick Hearn, who’s known for his commentary and clever words as a live broadcaster for the Los Angeles Lakers.

Compton states: “I’m getting better at this… man fucc what you heard, I’m the Talk Of LA. Rest In peace Chick Hearn.”



Born and bred from the streets of Compton, enters “iamCompton” — a Hip Hop artist with the love of Ink, Art, and Music, with the hustle of Compton running through his veins.

iamCompton who was born Danny Kirkpatrick grew up on the Eastside of Compton from Rosecrans to Alondra, the same streets that lyrical legends Dr.Dre and Eazy-E rapped about and once ran. At an early age, Kirkpatrick discovered his passion for music through experience. It was after he had lost everything that he was able to create a different type of energy — and music helped him find his place.

It wasn’t until 2005 that the rapper discovered his talent and began to express himself through music and art. Blessed with the skill of drawing, Compton started doing tattoos. He already knew how to draw, so he figured it would be a great side hustle. That same hustle enabled him to excel and gave him the opportunity to tattoo celebrities like Diddy, Nas, Rick Ross, Dwayne Wade, Travis Scott and Lil Uzi… just to name a few.

Now, iamCompton is the owner of the first ever tattoo shop in Compton and is the face of Black Ink Crew: Compton! iamCompton definitely is no stranger to the game and is now ready to share his talent with the world!

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