We are giving Snowfall a bittersweet goodbye as we watch their sixth and final season. Which was initially created by the legendary John Singleton.

We all have stuck to Snowfall like glue since it first touched our screen six years ago. So it was only right that we got to sit down and speak with a fan favorite, Gail Bean, who plays Wanda in the series.

Wanda’s character originally worked for Franklin (Damson Idris) while also dating Leon (Isaiah John), in which she shortly became addicted to drugs which caused her relationship with Leon to end. Bean’s character soon became the comic relief on the show, it’s like we wanted her to get clean, yet she was so funny.

Wanda was Leon’s only real love ever, so he never gave up on her, which worked in her favor on and off the camera. Bean shared that once her character got shot and was supposed to be killed off the season. John fought for Bean’s character to stay, which was how Wanda got clean and started her life over. It is very refreshing when we are so normalized to see the black woman fighting for the black man always publicly and privately. “ Isiah was always very vocal about getting Wanda clean. I want her back. He has always made sure it’s a safe space. He has always been an ideal black man to work with, so to have someone rooting for you and advocating for you because they can switch in and out. So it was just a blessing to know that you don’t owe me nothing and I don’t owe you anything. Yet you still stuck your neck out for me and still spoke on my behalf. It’s rare and I think we need more of it” Bean stated.

Bean shared how playing Wanda’s character showed how she can portray different layers of a person and being cast on Snowfall has opened so many doors for her in her career.

Check out the sixth and last season of Snowfall on FX. Watch the full interview with Gail Bean below.

Photo Courtesy of FX