What comes to mind when you see the words; Beets , Ginger, Carrots, or Celery?  For me, when I see those words, I think about my health, body, detox, living longer, and more. With everyone being extra health conscious these days, (including me) I wanted to share a amazing company that we all should be paying attention to and ordering from…. Get familiar with “The Juice Girl.”

What made you enter the Health & Wellness industry? 

I was eating and drinking unhealthy and one day decided to juice.

Fresh pineapple juice , mango juice tastes great and it’s all natural;. Why not change ? 

We all need to boost are immune systems and start a health lifestyle working out, juicing, and eating better. 


What is your favorite drink from your line? If you had to pick one juice from your company, to drink everyday which item should they be drinking?

It has to be the green goddess which has in it kale, kiwi, cucumber, green, apple, lemon and sea moss so good and tastes amazing.

Let’s not forget about the carrot with lemon, pineapple, and sea moss so refreshing . 

What’s next for The Juice Girl?

I plan to open a grab & go juice bar in Atlanta . I’m ready to boost everyone’s immune system up and I want them to feel energetic and good.

One of my favorite motto’s is “You must evolve, or you will dissolve!” What’s your motto? 

Change is Good!  Now Let’s Get Juicing 

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All images by The Juice Girl