Every time Alicia A. Williams graces a photo shoot set, she waltzes in with an aura of grace, a symphony of confidence, and a dazzling beauty that leaves a trail of stardust. With her fashion-forward fervor and an unwavering faith as her guiding star, Alicia has meticulously woven her path to success as the behind The Dazzling Diva Collection, LLC. Her journey, born from her beginnings as an educator, unfurled into a captivating odyssey of empowerment and enlightenment. She discovered that her talents transcended the classroom, embarking on an audacious leap into the realm of entrepreneurship, where she bet on herself, her dreams, and her family’s future. “I desired more for myself and my family, and BETTING ON Me was the only way to make it happen. My leadership skills, gift of motivating others, and fashion sense empowered me and opened doors of opportunity to help others confidently walk into their greatness as a business owner.”

In your fashion enterprise, how do you stay abreast of emerging trends for your clientele?

Fashion is so ever-changing! Staying current with the latest trends is key to growing and building a consistent clientele. Following and interacting with other fashion stylists, gurus, and experts via social media and online platforms. Many of the platforms I follow provide real-time updates. I occasionally will grab a few magazines, too. They always reveal trends of the current or upcoming season. When time permits, I like to “window shop”. While many only focus on the most convenient way through online research, I like to hit the streets, visiting stores and observing displays helps me to spot was trending or emerging.

As a mother and spouse, how do you sustain these bonds alongside managing a business?

So yeah, I am a WIFE, MOM, and BOSS, and I love it! Each role plays an integral part of who I am and the success of my business today. I have always believed family is not an important thing; it’s EVERYTHING! The foundation is to put God first and ensure he’s the head in each role. Creating non-negotiables, setting boundaries, and prioritizing my family time has strengthened our relationship. The freedom I have as a full-time business owner has allowed me the flexibility to schedule or spontaneously do things as a family that brings joy, peace, and happiness in our home and lives. However, honestly, with a demanding and growing business, it’s not always easy. My mantra and commitment will always be Family First. As a mother and wife of 18 years, communication, love, and support have sustained our forever bond. My husband and children fully support me in my business and often help when needed. It’s truly a family affair.

With the holiday season approaching, what strategies do you employ to maintain composure amidst work and festive preparations?

Whew, the holiday season is one of my favorite seasons, but one of the most hectic for me. With two children with December birthdays, it’s mayhem, to say the least. I’ve always tried to separate the two occasions. Maintaining my peace and composure all while the holiday business explosion unleashes and preparing family festive celebrations is no easy task. I intentionally unplug when necessary and make room for things/activities that help refresh me. Giving my time and energy to things that bring calm into my life matters. Accepting help from others or delegating in areas where needed the most. Simply saying NO, Not accepting every invite that comes my way. Laughing often… a few laughs a day can take the stress away. Lastly, give yourself grace and just breathe.

You always exude confidence; could you share methods that contributed to building this assurance?

As a young girl, my parents always instilled in my five siblings and I that “…. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me…” Philippians 4:13. This scripture spoke volumes to me as a child and even more into adulthood throughout my personal and professional journey. No matter what, I knew if I wanted to do or achieve anything in life, it started with me… I had to trust God and BELIEVE in me! I often pray; I mean pray hard because I was shy growing up and would get very nervous upon doing anything. I learned that my physical posture and positive mindset mattered. As an adult, when my only daughter was born, I needed to instill the same in her. I wanted her to see a woman, her mother, exude confidence in everything. I knew this little girl would someday watch me and say, if she can do this, I can too. Watching her move confidently as a little girl and even now as a young adult in college inspires me today. My faith and walk with God daily, positive attitude, and speaking I AM affirmations over myself have all contributed to the confidence I exude today.

What is one thing people would be surprised to know about you?

Many people would be surprised by my sense of humor. Surprisingly, I think I’m a low-key comedian! I know, right, you didn’t see that coming. Making people smile and laugh truly makes my heart smile. There’s so much pain in the world; a smile or laugh changes everything even for a few seconds.


Photo by Dioni Cruell

Makeup by Beauty By Mi’Chel

Hair by Touch by Toni

Styling by Troy Clinton

Styling Assistance by Jamal DeQuann

Cape: Seni Chic, Dress: Escada


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