I get to own my story, but I also get to change the trajectory. We do not all have the same opportunities and sometimes opportunities do not always come knocking. To create change you have to go out and do it yourself. What are you going to do?

After dealing with my own financial struggles in college and the challenges with student loans debt when purchasing a home, it made me realized that change needed to happen. I understand what it means to grow and be the best that you can be. I understand what it means to get an education to try to better your life but become bogged down with student debt. And because of this I am committed to breaking the cycle and help bridging the gap so that others won’t have to go through what I went through. It has always been important to me, that I find my place in this divided world and help bridge that gap. We overcome challenges by creating solutions. I wanted to explore my inner light and allow it to transform humankind, that is why I created the Twindle Foundation.

The Twindle Foundation’s mission is to inspire, educate, and help minorities change their future. The mission begins at home, here in the Upstate of South Carolina, but it extends globally. The Twindle Foundation was established so that minorities would have opportunities that would change the trajectory of their lives. Student loan debt has been a setback in the black community that has caused disqualifications. Although education is vital, there is a cost that is paid for it, beyond the classrooms. I never knew the things that I would endure in order to further my education.  My family did not have a lot. My parents did what they could, however due to the constraints that they had, I still amassed a sizeable debt for school. I didn’t fully understand the financial barriers that I would have to break through as I furthered my education and worked my way up the corporate ladder. Sadly, through even the hardest work and attempt to climb the corporate ladder, my opportunities were still limited leaving me with crippling debt.

Over the years, I’ve dealt with social and economic inequality that has caused even more setbacks. As I continue to further my journey, it is my mission to help bridge the gap of injustice that minorities face in a society that we were all created to be equal. The Twindle Foundation will be a resource to help lessen the amount of debt that is holding minorities back from homeownership, building generational wealth, and defaulting on loan repayments. When I became a realtor, I was able to witness the struggles that people of color face. I see the setbacks because of student loan debt, defaulting on loans because of wealth disparity, and the lack of homeownership because of racial disparity. It opened my eyes to issues that the black community faces, but because of my own personal struggles it has opened my heart to want to do more. My struggles have taught me that the pain of my past is my power! It is what fuels me to help others. By providing scholarships minorities will take on less student loan debt; it will help lower their debt-to-income ratio so that they are able to purchase a home, investment properties, or many other ways that would accumulate residual income.

I am inspired to do what is right to help minorities move forward on their path to homeownership and build generational wealth. I’m here. I understand. I’ve went through it. I am willing to put in my time and effort to change the narrative.

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Featured Image by Stacey Gardin Portraits