There’s a fundamental reason why most people like to work with the best businesses. Working with the best helps one become better at their job and improve innate efficiency. For cutting-edge entrepreneur Shomaila Niaz, that’s just what working as a publisher with big names like Google, Facebook, Bored Panda, Bright Side, and more did. It honed her from within. While her capabilities got her some of the most sought-after job opportunities, her ability to grow-on-the-go gave her the courage to come into her own with her PR agency. In this exclusive interview with the risk-taking CEO of Baby Shark Networks, Shomaila lets us in on her story.

Tell us about your journey.

Well, it started way back in 2012. I was working on my Master’s Degree with an emphasis in social media management and digital marketing. I began working as an unpaid intern for numerous companies as a social media manager. After working as an intern they began to continue to utilize me and actually began paying me! In 2013, I was hired by a web consulting company. I didn’t know what to expect going into this experience, but I was fully submerged in the digital marketing world and it was a sink or swim situation at this company. I can proudly say I swam like a champ and discovered I had the natural ability to create killer content for any business.

Is that when you decided to launch your PR agency, Baby Shark Networks?

That’s right. I was beginning to gain a lot of self-confidence. I could envision myself running a company, being at the helm, taking risks. I had developed a stomach for this business. I was ready. Yet, despite my enthusiasm, the decision was a difficult one to make. It was like abandoning the swimming pool for the ocean. Nonetheless, I took the plunge.

Can you tell us more about your business?

Sure. You see, it’s not just about being on social media, it’s about leveraging it optimally. Anyone can be on social media but it takes a keen eye, a firm finger on the digital pulse of the world to make it work for one’s business. As a social media specialist, I rely on relevant research since the social media landscape changes faster than sand dunes. 

Apart from social media, we deliver a plethora of other services at Baby Shark Networks. From brand creation to brand communication and strategy, display marketing to email and SEO marketing, to brochures and complete advertising campaigns and more, we empower our clients with quality content, every single time. 

We have been growing at a rapid pace and consistently taking on new clients. Our clients have included performers, restaurants, online clothing retailers, photographers, internationally known brands, and more. This mixed palette is a constant reminder of my passion for what I do.

Young, dynamic, and raring to go, Shomaila and her baby, Baby Shark Networks are swimming in the heady current of success. As she vows to keep things refreshingly exciting for her clients, hers is one journey that’ll be hard to miss.

Featured Image by Kiara Moon