Online beauty blogging has always been hugely popular, with bloggers covering every aspect of the beauty world, from makeup tutorials to beauty hacks. Stephanie Fatta, the creator of the beauty, family, and lifestyle blog Beauty Brite, comes from this community. Beauty Brite is a lifestyle blog that shares real stories and experiences from a diverse group of women and moms. Fatta shares her insights with us here.

Fatta is a budget-conscious single mother of an autistic child, and she explains that the Beauty Brite blog evolved from the need to find homemade beauty recipes to a place of support for other mothers and women. Fatta says that she first began Beauty Brite as an outlet for her interest in all beauty-related things and immensely enjoyed the process of reviewing products and creating homemade beauty recipes. Beauty Brite has since expanded into a supportive and informative place to find advice, tips, and articles about every aspect of family life and beauty needs.

Fatta now has a team of women and mothers from all over America contributing their personal experiences to the blog. Fatta explains that diversity is a crucial aspect of Beauty Brite; she says that she intends for the blog to be a supportive and safe place. Fatta adds that her parenting experiences with an autistic child inspired her to make every family, with and without children, feel welcome and catered to by the blog. Fatta shares that she feels Beauty Brite’s most outstanding feature is its ability to call on the different voices of a diverse team of women to cover various topics from a personal view.

Outside of Beauty Brite, Fatta also has a personal blog that focuses on her life as a mother, called Mamahearted. Another passion project that Fatta founded is the blog – Houseplant Addicts, a humorous resource where the green-thumbed can find ideas and articles about all kinds of plants. A conversation with Stephanie Fatta reveals that she is dedicated to creating more spaces for women to share and learn from each other’s experiences and will continue to create content that inspires and informs for some time to come.



Featured Image provided by Stephanie Fatta