Kevan and Ayesha Shelton, the Founders of Park Street Developments, are a couple that builds together. Literally, they have been making a footprint in Real Estate providing “Affordable Luxury” and revitalizing African American communities in Houston, Texas. What makes this Real Estate couple unique, aside from the fact that they enjoy working together, is that the homes they acquire are affordable for middle to low-income families who want the American Dream.

Owning property is one of the things Black families can do to increase and provide generational wealth. So the importance of what the Sheldons do, and how they do it, deserves recognition.

According to Statista, “In 2021, the rate of homeownership among white people living in the United States was 74.1 percent. Comparatively, 44.2 percent of black people owned a home in the same year.”

The Sheltons are slimming the gap, and providing hope for families who have yet to realize their dream of home ownership.

Additionally, they have recently co-chaired “Good Brick Tour” an initiative to raise awareness and funds for Non-profit Preservation Houston. The couple was awarded a congressional proclamation on behalf of Congresswomen Shelia Jackson Lee.

Sheen Magazine was granted the opportunity to speak with Ayesha Shelton, of Park Street Homes on the heels of their honor of being named the 1st African American chair for Preservation Houston, a non-profit dedicated to preservation work city-wide in Houston.