Dr. Cynthia M. Wesley leaves no topic uncovered. Dr. Cyn helps you to understand the skin care of your intimate areas with a special focus on the unique characteristics of dark skin. Her book is an educational reference guide for managing wellness down there through various phases of age and conditions. The book is a guide designed to help women tackle physical and intimate wellness issues.


What would attract listeners to your story?

Dr. Cyn: We answer the questions that many women of color are uncomfortable discussing.  Too often we feel that we are supposed to just deal with dark spots, ingrown hairs, recurrent bacterial vaginosis, etc.  Women want to know that there are solutions, and also healthy habits that can decrease the occurrence of these annoying problems.

How have readers reacted to your book on intimate skincare? 

Dr. Cyn: I have received great responses from my readers of all age groups. Many say they now feel more comfortable talking with their daughters about the topic.

Who is your business role model?  Why?

Dr. Cyn: Madam CJ Walker.  She saw a need for women of color.  Through hard work and determination, she became successful while addressing the needs of our women.

In addition to your book, we know you also have a skincare line. What makes your brand unique?

Dr. Cyn:

  1. a) It’s the first intimate skincare line specifically designed for women of color.
  2. b) It’s curated by a Black, female board-certified OBGYN
  3. c) We’re bigger than just intimate washes.  Our products solve more aesthetic needs, such as ingrown hair serums and pads for dark spots.

How can our viewers remain connected?

Dr. Cyn: Connect online:



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