We as a nation, we must understand that we will get through this epidemic. Through the darkness we must learn to lean on God and understand that through this chaos there is a still voice reminding us that God is with us.

As we pray and ask for God to heal our land he will do that in such a way that will bring us closer to him.

We cannot be afraid of what is going on we must stand strong and ask for healing and good health.

As we all go natural with our hair, our nails we do all of these home remedies that has helped us naturally to show us that in the midst of the storm we are beautiful as women and as a people that comes in many different races, sizes and backgrounds we do matter and we are getting in tune with ourselves and learning ourselves without the masks that we as people every day use to display our beauty.

We are all on the same battlefield now with one nation of many different backgrounds finally having to learn to love ourselves with all of our scars that are imperfect to look at, but so perfect all at the same time.

We are learning to love God again and learning to love ourselves again knowing that In The Midst Of Darkness There Is Light.

This feature was submitted by Kenderley Chandler

My name is Kenderley Chandler. I am from Washington, Pennsylvania that currently resides in Columbus, Ohio. I have four children two boys and two girls. I enjoy writing and helping others I have my own business in the medical field, I wrote two books and currently in the process of writing another one that will be completed this year 2020.