The term “boss babe” is self-explanatory, but don’t get it twisted. While the glitz and glamour may be alluring, what most people don’t see is the behind-the-scenes: the endless hours of time, work, and effort put into your craft, your business, or whatever it is you’re passionate about in life.

Inas X, the model, recording artist, and entrepreneur who boasts an incredible social media following of 3 million followers on Instagram alone. Getting her start as a musician opening for Fetty Wap on tour, the New York native has since established her own name and brand in the city of Angels.

In fact, she deems herself the Trap Princess Jasmine, putting on for her Middle Eastern roots while staying true to her sound and beliefs.

Sheen Magazine spoke with Inas X at the Billionaire Boss Babe event at Godfrey Hotel in Hollywood, hosted by Rajeev Mohindra, MD and Mouna Jidal, co-founders of Heal IV and BBB. The vibes were immaculate, with everyone decked out in barbie pink and wearing their confidence on their sleeve.

 Talk about this event today, how did this come together?

Billionaire Boss Babe is a brand new amazing venture that I’m partnered on. It’s a beautiful activation for women to come together, network, and do things. It’s for women to learn and become richer, better, and more connected. I’m so passionate about this, this is our first annual pink party. With everything going on in the world and everything they’re doing to women right now, they’re taking our rights away. I really needed to start using my voice more, my platform more. Putting more things together for girls and having spaces that we can come together, do things together. Love on each other, meet each other and connect.

What does it mean to be a Boss Babe?

Billionaire Boss Babe, prrr! Period. It’s literally making more female billionaires. There’s not enough female billionaires in the world. We need to learn more financial literacy, we need to learn more things. We need to be more connected, and who’s gonna put us on more than ourselves? Being a Boss Babe is being supportive, being loving, being positive, and being your divine feminine self. Really owning who you are and being a boss, because we’re all bosses and we’re all babes. We all want to be billionaires, we just don’t know how. We’re all putting each other on, so we can all just fucking do it. Period!

What is the work behind being a Billionaire Boss Babe?

Honestly, you know how it is. We’re nonstop. We work all the time, we don’t stop. All we do is work. Nowadays, being an independent woman means so much. We have to do what we have to do by any means. It’s important that we have more opportunities for us, that’s why this is so important for me.

Is pink your favorite color?

You know what, pink is my favorite color now. When I was growing up, my favorite color was orange. Orange was bright, colorful and happy. Just different. As an adult, it became red. Red was more fierce. As I get older and more into my divine feminism, pink really speaks to me. Pink, gold, and white is the color scheme. It really speaks to me, that divine feminine energy. I’m so in it, my goddess energy. The pink makes me happy.

 How long does it take you to get ready?

It depends. Today, it took me about 4 hours. [laughs] No kizzy. They were sewing me, it took me 4 hours. Normally if I’m just going out, then 20 minutes. On a normal day, or you know me. Sometimes I’ll go without makeup if I’m feeling it. But most of the time if it’s the whole shebang, it takes hours. I know Beyoncé takes 45 minutes, I’m like bebe! Wassup? Where we going for 45 minutes to get ready? Where we going? [laughs]

 Do you have any beauty go-to’s?

My beauty go-to lately is a good moisturizer. I need to keep my skin looking good. I do a lot with my skin so I’ve been trying to keep my skin clear. That’s mainly it.

Where do you get your fashion inspo?

I get my fashion inspo from all different things. I love studying designers. My favorite designers, I love Tom Ford. I love Alexander McQueen, Dolce Gabbana, and Versace. I love studying the greats. I’m really wanting to get on my high fashion shit.

What’s it mean to be the Trap Princess Jasmine?

Owww! Prrr, bow bow bow! Your girl is from New York City. Of course, I’m Princess Jasmine. The Middle Eastern, Disney princess, but I’m the Trap version of course. Because I’m from New York, you know what I’m saying?

You’ve been killing it with the visuals, what’s your favorite video you’ve released this year?

My favorite video, I’m about to release this month. “Disposition,” my next single coming soon. It’s coming! It’s my most favorite video I’ve ever done, ever. I can’t wait!

What’s the concept?

Girl power honey. Middle Eastern goddess honey. The whole vibe, it’s coming! It’s coming! We’re putting it together. [laughs]

What’s the latest with the app?

The app is going amazing. Everything has been going so amazing, thank God. I’ve been getting into so many different spaces. I’m happy, I’m thankful and I’m grateful. God is good.

How was the Grammys?

Ugh, the Grammys was epic! Oh my god. Next year, God-willing. Hopefully I’ll win a Grammy. Literally, I was so inspired. I just want to be on the Grammy stage.

 Any goals for yourself?

Just new music, more Boss Babe stuff. More taking over, period.