Inas X has been staying busy, working on new music, creating fire content, and working on inner self. Boasting 2.9 million followers on Instagram alone, the New York-bred singer, rapper, model, and businesswoman has been grinding for years… and now she’s finally ready to release new music.

Fresh off the heels of her standout feature on Soulja Boy’s recent project Big Draco 3, Inas explains “Slidin Round,” “I have a new song with Soulja Boy on his latest album that just came out too! I love it! So much fun making that song. We made it in like 15 minutes, both wrote our verses in 5 minutes each lol it was fun and organic! Go check it out.” 


In regards to her own artistry, Inas X returns to unveil her newest single and visual for “Lick,” which she reveals to be more on her “hip hop side.” Directed by Nimi Hendrix, the 2-minute visual pays homage to her Middle Eastern roots, as she finalizes her current visual EP titled Trap Princess Jasmine.

Inas X states, “I am the Trap Princess Jasmine! So NYC but still so pop! I haven’t dropped a project yet and been working so long on creating sounds I’m proud of and I’m so happy to be there finally. I have some stuff coming that owns all my Middle Eastern sounds which I’m so proud of. In this video, it was dope to be able to have multiple looks that really owned more of my Middle Eastern side but still my authentic unapologetic self. Still my NY self but super Cleopatra/Princess Jasmine-inspired too, which is just me.” 

Beyond the music, Inas just announced the launch of her own self-titled app, Inas X, where fans can keep up with her and get a sneak peak into all the exclusive content.

“I wanted to be able to tap into not only my music side but also my business side,” Inas states. “I’ve been doing music for some time now and in the music industry building as an entrepreneur for some time so it was important to me to be able to launch my own app and still keep dropping music. It’s about being versatile and multi-dimensional as an artist in today’s time and being innovative so I thought, let me start my own subscription-based app and put all my exclusive content and unreleased music there for my day 1s. I’m so happy to be able to share that and create new blueprints for artists because we constantly have to find new ways to share our art and connect with our fans. Subscribe to my app! That’s so fun to say now!”

Fans can also expect a drill pop record from Inas X, arriving sometime in the near future.