Charis Jones also known as Charis Reese, native Washingtonian, and an acclaimed independent RnB Artist. She is known for her world-renowned GoGo Remixes that fuse RnB and Jazz elements into one and is making waves in the industry.
Most recently, Charis has gotten a huge buzz for her electrifying onstage performance where the one and only Angela Bassett joined onstage and danced while Charis performed.

Who is Charis Jones outside of your bio? 

Outside of my biography, Charis is a little girl who has always wanted to help others on extraordinary levels. As a child, I used to assert that I wanted to be a fire engine because they were so vital to ensuring folks are protected and safe. As a Taurus, I am a giver and an empath. I have gone through so many minor traumas, that I can literally relate to others and understand the importance of giving grace to people and situations. My name in Greek translates to Grace, and I always try to be accommodating and considerate of others.

Was it both exciting and scary to pick up your life in the DMV and move across the country to LA? 

My goodness, making the decision to reside in LA was seamless, yet effectively planning the move and executing it required a team. My best friend, Dr. Kristyn Smith surprised me with a birthday trip to Mexico, and once we returned a week later, I had literally 1 week to pack my entire 3 level singlefamily home in Temple Hills. I had to downsize my entire life to move to a 1-bedroom apartment near school. I had many reminiscent moments of experiences that I had that were specific to my home. I was scared only because I was moving crosscountry and to an entirely new city. I visited LA every year for the last 13 years, yet, it’s drastically different to reside here.

What motivates you daily? 

My daily motivation is affecting change and being a catalyst for folks to become more of themselves. I enjoy pouring into others. 

What would you say to someone looking to start in the music industry? 

I would say operationally define your why and keep that reasoning in the forefront of your mind. Then do your best to acquire as many resources as possible to expand your network, so it in turn becomes your net worth. I think as artistswe are so hypercritical of ourselves, and it’s so limiting. Never restrict your craft’s growth, always be willing to learn music business dynamics and etiquette.

You had a recent on-stage moment with Angela Bassett. What was that moment like? 

That experience was nothing but magical bliss and some razzledazzle of God just making things happen. It really was an organic occurrence that allowed me to be the vessel to make Auntie Angela comfortable enough to party on the stage with me and the band.  Nothing about the moment was pretentious, I was humbly grateful and elated. Her presence was infectious and at the moment nothing was a burden or a concern. We lived in that moment. I will forever be tickled pink and honored.

What do you hope our readers gain from this interview? 

I hope they gain that you can be your authentic self and still be blessed. In the move to LA, I’ve seen many people change who they are to be accepted. But how God works, you can expect the unexpected, but you have to be prepared at all costs for greater opportunities to manifest themselves.  Also, network and be your genuine self. Never belittle your accomplishments, and be genuine and supportive of others, as that support will be returned to you eventually. Don’t get inundated with thoughts surrounding popularity contests, and lastly, everything happens for a reason, and remain humble. 

What are you looking forward to most in 2023? 

I’m looking forward to God opening doors that others attempted to close for jealousy and power trip reasons. I’m expecting God to heal my hurt, protect my mind and allow me more opportunities to serve others and release new music, create new business ventures, and go harder for myself as I have gone for others. I’m expecting dreams to come true. I’m expecting greater due to his favor. I am looking forward to peace and prosperity. 

How can readers connect with you?

Readers can follow me on Instagram and Twitter at @CharisReese, on Tik Tok @officialcharisreese, and Facebook as Charis Jones. Folks may also catch me performing with my band across town. Even catch me being the booking agent and road manager to Cheryl Cooley of KLYMAXX. You can follow me on YouTube @CharisReese ( and via my website 

Photo Credits: Charis Jones