Phenomenal and well-trained educator and academic tutor Perry Clemons strategically uses data and gamification so that the lessons he teaches are engaging, understandable, and personalized. However, he discovered the same could not be said when he was going to diversity, equity, and inclusion training courses over the years. With such an important subject matter, Perry was inspired to create Inequality-opoly: The Game of Structural Racism and Sexism in America. Perry developedInequality-opoly as a board game to simulate how structural racism and sexism intersect to serve as obstacles to the accumulation and sustaining of wealth in America. The game increases awareness, provokes discussion, and advancesdiscourse about how structural racism and sexism function in our society.

The game highlights the real-life effects of structural racism and sexism, players compete to become the wealthiest player by buying and developing property. In Inequality-opoly, rolling the dice is more than progressing around the board. Rolling the dicedecides if you get approved for a mortgage, go to a Prison Industrial Complex, become a successful business owner, and much more all based on your perceived identity card of race and gender.

Inequality-opoly is an educational game for people who want to learn about structural racism and sexism in a flexible and amusing way. The game took over seven years of research, playtesting, and web game development taking place in that time. The game is ideal for teacher professional development days or as a family board game night. Inequality-opoly can be played in any classroom setting, including through online play. Perry has been rolling the game out for educational purposes for in-house company training sessions and to training companies that offer D, E & I training courses, and the response so far has been amazing. For information visit www.inequalityopoly.comto learn how to purchase the game for home or work.