“Let me show you how I grossed over $2 million going the rental route without physically driving a truck.”

Allow Box Truck Shawty to introduce you to this high-grossing, recession-proof passive income method. With a little over 80,000 impressions on his social media, Jabbar Williams is well on his way to Amazon Relay and logistics success. With a little over $2 million grossed with Amazon Relay, he now offers his self-taught, self-acclaimed step-by-step guides that shows you how to get started and contracted with Amazon Relay using a 26’ rental box truck that is found in the link below.


With a background of 16 years in the financial industry, while he was still working his 9-5, he developed a financial plan to work smarter and eventually embarked on solutions to financial freedom and recession-proof work-life balance through his business ventures into real estate flipping/wholesaling and now logistics which led to his early retirement.

As the demand for goods increases for online purchases, the trucking industry remains the most relied-upon freight transportation method.

Many invest in the latest trendy and quick money methods but this one you can count on. A couple of reasons to say yes to the Box Truck Industry are the requirements or lack thereof such as No OTR, No CDL, No Credit Required, no background checks, no purchase/finance truck, and low entry costs of under $5,000.

One of Box Truck Shawty’s workshops includes how to launch and establish a logistics company, obtaining your Authority, the required insurance coverage for Amazon Relay, his personal tips/tricks, how to find/hire drivers, how/when to scale your business, and how to do all of this with no CDL or having to physically drive a truck using the rental route.

On a day to day, Jabbar Williams offers one on one 30-minute and 60-minute consultations, 2-day on-site training, 3-day ride-along training, a Dispatching eBook guide, Ultimate Bundle Pack Guide that includes all 3 of his eBooks (Step-by-Starter Pack guide, Amazon Rookie Playbook guide, and his newest Dispatcher guide), and a 1-day, virtual Masterclass.

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