The interior designer and owner of Karenna’s Design Studios, Karen Larkin is not just an interior designer, but she is one who transforms spaces that transform lives. Karen helps home-based business owners, speakers, and those who work from home create a peaceful and tranquil space that will cultivate creativity and productivity and decrease stress and anxiety while promoting your overall well-being. It is Karen’s desire to create peaceful spaces for where you are going or what you desire out of life and not where you are currently.


As an expert in interior design, you are taking off as a business owner. Karenna’s Design Studios has clients who obtain residential and corporate services. Please tell us about some of your latest corporate projects.

Karen: Thanks for asking. As an Interior Designer, 2022 was an amazing year. There were a few highs, but definitely some lows, but through it all, I am grateful for this journey of working with residential and corporate clients.

Corporate projects have taken on the whole nother meaning for me and have really stretched me beyond what I imagined. With every corporate design, I am able to have an impact on multiple families. You see, in the corporate sector, I have the pleasure of creating a peaceful and calm work environment which has a direct impact on the employees. This direct impact affects not only the employees but also their families as well. When I can create a peaceful work environment, it allows the employees to take that peace home with them and not the pressures and stress of the job. I’m currently working on two corporate projects, and I am excited to be involved and can’t wait to witness the impact on ownership and employees. 

I completed my first corporate project in October 2022, and it turned out better than I expected. It, in fact, has opened the door for more opportunities. This project was a 12,000 sq ft office space, with over 50 employees and growing. My clients were amazing, and they wanted something new, fresh, and innovative. The project represented and was a reflection of where the company is going and not for where the company is currently now.

However, I am currently working on two corporate office projects, both over 5,000 sq ft and one residential project. These projects will be completed in the first quarter of the year.

In what ways does your approach to corporate and residential design differentiate?

Karen: For me, as it relates to the approach to corporate and residential interior design, there is no difference. The preliminary concept is the same. I ask a series of questions to get to know my clients and their design needs.

However, corporate and residential interior designs can differ in a number of ways, including the purpose of the space, the people who will be using the space, and the overall design aesthetic.

In corporate design, the primary focus is often on creating functional, efficient spaces that support the needs of the business and its employees. This may include things like open floor plans, efficient use of space, and the incorporation of technology. Corporate design may also need to consider issues such as branding and corporate identity, as well as the need to create a professional and cohesive look throughout the space. Also, it is equally important to create an environment that will foster and promote productivity and help increase employee morale. So, my goal and desire is to create a peaceful work environment.

Residential design, on the other hand, is primarily focused on creating spaces that are comfortable, welcoming, and functional for the people who live in them. This may include considerations such as flow and layout, the incorporation of personal style and tastes, and the use of comfortable and attractive materials and finishes. But also, the end goal is to create a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere that will cultivate that inner peace. My desire is to create a space that will promote and aid in their overall well-being, creating an environment that will cause a shift of transformation in their lives.

Though there is a difference in the designs themselves, my approach to achieving the overall best results for my clients remains the same. I begin with the end in mind — the vision of how my clients will feel as a result of the design. I gain a better understanding of my clients and their needs through conversations and interviews. Then, I can focus on delivering the peace needed for growth and change.


Congratulations on your new book! What is it called? What is it about? Where and when can our readers get a copy?

Karen: Thanks a lot.

Wow! It seems like so much is happening so fast as God is opening doors of opportunity for me. Yes, I am fortunate to be a part of a collaboration book project in addition to writing my own book. The Ultimate Guide to Unapologetic Mental Health is a collaboration book and journal for men and women aimed at sharing how to survive from mental health challenges. Mental health is a critical part of our overall wellbeing and should be prioritized in order to promote a healthy, fulfilling life. I am honored to be a part of this project.

Also, I’m working on my book, Peace Within These Walls, which is a guide to creating a peaceful space that will cultivate creativity and productivity, and decrease stress and anxiety, all while improving your overall well-being. This book serves as a guide to illustrate how to use interior design to create a peaceful environment and positively impact your life. 

Interior design has a tremendous power to affect our emotions and moods. When we take the time to thoughtfully plan and decorate our living spaces, we can create havens within our homes. This book is a resource on how to use the design elements and the basic principles of design within a space to promote a peaceful atmosphere, reduce stress and eliminate anxiety. Ultimately, this guide can be used to improve self-awareness and self-confidence while building self-esteem.

I desire to show others how to create an atmosphere and live in an environment that flows — a space that will cultivate what God has already created on the inside. I long to show others how to create the space that serves as that connection to their inner self and allows them to “Live in Peace, to Be at Peace”. Your readers can pick up a copy of both of these books by visiting

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