Cheri Maree is preparing to release her brand new single, “Love Is Rising.” The song inspired by the “spirit of love” could not have come at a better time in midst of our current pandemic. In an effort to heal humanity through these challenging times, Maree sat down with us for an exclusive interview to discuss all things music!

When did you know music was something you wanted to pursue?

Great question! I knew that I was in love with music as early as 5 years old, however, I
didn’t choose to pursue music until after a college professor told me that I couldn’t sing and that I should choose another profession. He then, ever so politely, escorted me out of the music school’s front door. Was I devastated? YES! Was I even more motivated? HELL YEAH! Music has always been medicine for me and I knew in that moment that I had to do whatever it took to be an artist.

Music has also been like “Truth Serum” for me. I recognized very early in life that it has the ability to get into the core of our DNA and enhance our moods bringing out the very best in us. Music can also shift the energy of any room instantaneously and we don’t even have to speak the same language. Knowing and witnessing this phenomenon with audiences throughout the world has helped stoke my passion to continue to create music-which I’ve come to learn is my divine assignment.

Can you tell us about your upcoming single, “Love Is Rising”? What inspired it?

I am super excited about my new single “Love Is Rising”, which is featured on my upcoming album 360° Woman: I AM-the sequel to my current album 360° Woman: Rebirth. The inspiration for this particular song hit me like a ton of bricks. About 10 months ago, I was watching the news and witnessed several people expressing their fears, sadness and disappointments about what was happening in the world, when suddenly, the phase “Love is Rising” came through my spirit. It was such a divine experience that I could feel my eyes welling up with tears. I began to feel the gravity of how many positive things we are missing in every moment. Then BOOM…the lyrics and melody just burst through my Soul. That may sound a bit dramatic but that’s truly how it felt. I immediately called my business partner and super producer Marcus Williams, who also helped co-write the song, and we got on it! Fast forward to March 2020 and “Love Is Rising” was born.

You are also an author. What made you want to step into that field?

Ok…so when I say to you that writing a book was one of the scariest things I have ever done, believe me. For years I had been feeling the urge to write a book. I actually began writing poetry in grade school so writing was familiar to me. Unlike telling a story in a 3-4 minute song, writing this book required that I share all of my secrets. These were the types of secrets that I had been terrified to say out loud. Writing this book, Wealthy Woman’s Stew: The Journey to Nurturing My Soul, became my release valve and completely liberated me. Even more than any desire to be an author, was the need to tell my truth so that I could become whole again. My secrets were poising my purpose and I could no longer bear the pain. I chose to set my secrets free so that I could celebrate my triumphs. I wanted this book to encourage other women as well as share with them tools they can also use to heal. Hopefully, they are the kinds of tools that will help them reclaim their strengths and develop their inherent magnificence. That is my hope.

What advice would you offer our readers right now during our current pandemic?

Honestly Thao, even though as global citizens WE are experiencing tremendous fear and heartache, WE also have the power to create a better world. We possess the power, and the time, to strengthen our faith, our bodies, our minds, our communities and our planet. Whether we believe in a Higher Power, God, The Universe, etc., or not, the opportunity to create more harmony and shared abundance in this world is available to us right now. Lastly, I would have to say that my offering to your wonderful readers during our current pandemic is that, in everything you do, please lead with Love, speak with Love and recognize, above all, that Love Is Rising.

What can we expect to see from you in the future?

Well, Cheri Maree 2.0 is gonna keep on bringing you more great music to satisfy your soul, books, movies, humanitarian work and whatever else God has for me to do. I’m going to continue to find countless ways to shower the planet with the highest vibes I’ve got. You’ll find me working at it until we’re either completely “Love Drunk”, or until I’m dust…whichever comes first!

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Featured Image by Ed Snapshot Brown