How long have you been in the public relations industry and what led you to want to become a publicist?

I have been in public relations for 7 years and in communications overall for over 10 years.

I have been a strategic communicator my entire life – writing letters to my mom to better explain complicated topics, helping friends and family communicate through challenges, and even helping people communicate their value at work. I began pursuing communications professionally when I realized that this wasn’t just something that I enjoyed doing, it was a gift that could be applied both personally and professionally. I started as a News Writer and Reporter for The Daily Times in Salisbury, MD, but as I did research on how I could use my skillset to further support brands and businesses, Public Relations was the field that I knew I could exercise all of my passions an expertise – from building new relationships through networking and events to writing and research.

How the role of PR and Comms professionals is expanding–now incorporating social media, influencer engagement, various owned media channels, etc.

If it involves people, it involves communications. If it involves awareness, it should involve Public Relations (PR). With the growth of social media and the increased need to build a digital footprint, organizations must rely on PR and Communications professionals in order to gain, retain, connect with, and grow their audiences in both new and traditional ways. This puts an unprecedented number of channels in the hands of PR and comms professionals from media and social media to influencer engagement and community outreach. More than ever before this positions us as the liaison between organizations and almost everyone it is (or wants to be) connected to.

Let’s talk a little about the power of community over competition in the PR and Comms industries. Can you explain this?

I like to say that “Competition can motivate people, but community can elevate people.” How far you go and the things you achieve, both personally and professionally, have a lot to do with who you’re connected to. While many have failed to believe that you must be competitive with those who are in the same industry as you, we choose to believe that there is more than enough [money, clients, work] to go around. I am so grateful for communities like Respect The Publicist who understood this concept years ago and created community mindsets in an industry that used to be full of competition mindsets.

You also, have an event coming up, can you tell us about the PROCON and what motivated you to launch it?

“If you don’t see it, create it” – this is a phrase that we have all heard for years. This is also a phrase that is a lot easier said than done. For almost four years I’ve been searching for a space dedicated to Public Relations and Communications professionals that allowed us to connect, learn, and grow. I was looking for a space that was authentic, comfortable, provided resources, connected me with others in the industry, and allowed me to pour back into my career and passions. There were many events that almost met the mark but didn’t completely fill the need. So, I decided that I was no longer letting fear get in the way of me filling a void for my community. This isn’t just a passion project, it’s an industry need.

What can those attending expect from PROCON regarding the workshops, awards, vendors, and networking? 

Attendees can expect every detail to be included from the authentic PR and comms discussions and tangible resources to the authentic and celebratory atmosphere with delicious food and drinks. We also cannot come together in this capacity without providing workshops for new and aspiring publicists, getting a professional headshot taken, having goodies that you can carry home with you, and paying tribute to those who have created spaces for us to continue to build community. Networking, resources, discussion, workshops, headshots, vendors, awards, food, drinks, and more – the event touches all basis!

Can you share the panelist and a few of the panel discussions everyone can look forward to?

PROCON 2022’ s panelists include:

  • Candice Nicole, 15 Year Publicist + Founder/CEO of Candice Nicole PR
  • Eric Knox, Public Relations and Social Impact at BET
  • Regan Farley, Co-Founder of Intel Media Group
  • Jeniro, Owner of The Jeniro Agency
  • Sofia Maame, Director and Brand Strategist of SMTPR
  • Amber Glenn, Vice President of Archetype PR
  • Donovan Mack, Multicultural Marketing and Public Relations Strategist
  • Kourtney Janeau, Public Relations Account Executive at The PR Alliance

The event will also be hosted by Media Personality, Chey Parker, as heard on 93.9 WKYS, 101.3 Jamz WVAI, and the Diva Unfiltered Podcast. As you can see, there will be no lack of experience in PR and comms at PROCON. We will be discussing everything from challenges and trends to best practices and career resources.

How can everyone attend PROCON?

Visiting makes it super easy for you! Don’t sleep on the tickets–they’re going to sell out!

What would you like our viewers to gain from this interview? 

If you take one thing away from this interview let it be that when PR and communications professionals gather and build community, it doesn’t only benefit us, it benefits all of the brands and businesses that are connected to us. We deserve these spaces, and the world needs us to keep having them! Every year, PROCON will be here to create that space.

How can people connect with you and learn more about PROCON?

Following me on all social media platforms at @iamkeishabrewer will connect you to me, my PR agency, and PROCON. You can also connect with PROCON directly on Instagram at @experienceprocon and via!