In the world of men’s fashion, we’ve all heard the term ‘Big and Tall’. Meet the man changing that narrative because let’s face it, who wants to be described as BIG? Kemdi Anosike created BRIC. BRIC is not your average menswear. They provide premium essentials for men who don’t fit traditional sizes. 


Why do you feel it’s important to spread a positive message of body positivity through your clothing line? 

Kemdi: As a 6’7 tall man, finding fit clothes has always been a struggle. For the last 6 years, I’ve been trying to understand why the revolutionary movement happening in the women’s apparel space with body positivity and inclusivity isn’t happening in the men’s space I always felt like I had to choose between wearing stylish clothes that didn’t fit properly or wearing dowdy clothing that fit terribly. That led me to do some digging, and my research pointed towards men not being vocal / the fashion industry thinking that most big and tall men – not a fan of those words by the way, do not care about how they look or appear. So, I decided to change that.


Launching a fashion line can be time consuming. How do you still find time for self-care?

Kemdi: Life in general is very time-consuming. I am all about balance and maintaining a healthy routine. I don’t see self-care as a chore or “to do”… it is a lifestyle and a “must do”

What would you like our readers to gain from this interview?

 Kemdi: Be the change you want to see in the world. whatever it is that you want to achieve, you can. Like they say, mindset over matter. 


How can people connect with the brand online? 

Kemdi: You can shop our foundational collection of sweaters at and you can follow us on instagram @Bricmenswaer


Photo Credits: BRIC