HipHop isnt just a genre, it’s a lifestyle. Welcome D.Raww the Houston native who’s the latest artist ready to make a lane for himself as the voice for the people. His latest release “Golden Child” proves that D.Raww has a seat at the table and he’s ready to eat up the competition.

Who Is D.Raww?

21-year-old native from Houston, TX who started doing music at the age of 13 after being inspired by his peers. He was raised by his grandmother and mom for most of his life but also moved around a lot. He took rapping serious after the year of 2017 after his grandma passed away due to cancer. He started off by posting freestyles in the studio thinking one of the videos would blow up. He would spend his last dollar on studio time but always thinking this is the one but eventually more and more people saw them and couldn’t help but respect his consistency. Twitter took a grab to the videos and then it picked up over at Instagram. From there record labels started to reach out and he signed his first deal in 2019 of September to “1501” but didn’t start to have a name of his own until recently building up momentum and going out on his own to promote a song he knew would be something, “Drink up.” D-Raww and his team would go out to the smallest to the biggest spots in Houston almost every night to promote the song and that led to him doing it in other states. He used that momentum and gave the city one of the best projects of the year, “Golden Child.” Golden Child reached his highest streams in 2 weeks more than any of his projects with around 121K with a couple of big names such as Erica Banks, Euro Gottit, Lil Migo and more! Now the question is what’s next in this young man future!

What was the inspiration behind your latest release “Golden Child”?

Well first I got the name golden child from my family one day my mom called me saying my siblings told her she treat me like the golden child so I just flipped it and used it in my way but as far as the music I’ve been working on it for a year and some change trying to find the perfect songs for it when you listen you can hear it may be days I was energetic lit in a party mode and other days you can hear the late night overthinking of how I could’ve made shit better in past relationship every song is a genuine feeling of how I was feeling at that time and that’s how I came up with golden child.

Being part of 1501 do you find it hard to find your voice in this industry? Do you feel overshadowed by Megan Thee Stallion?

Being apart of 1501 isn’t hard to find my voice because I’ve always been myself but, it could be hard to lose yourself or get caught up in things that you have no part of; however, through all of it you have stay focused and in your own lane. I do not feel overshadowed by anybody timing is everything s/o to everyone who came out of Houston and made it to that level my time is coming soon.

Who’s your ideal collaboration?

Drake and I would make some fire hits for the streets.

What’s 5 things you want your 5 to know about you that they didn’t know?

I’m learning to give the world my personality, I want people to see and know that I’m really funny dab, I go through shit Just like everybody else, I’m left handed and  I’m a twin.