Yugo, a Nigerian artist, explains that his name is a unique spelling of his native name, Ugochukwu, which means “God’s Glory” in Igbo. He sees his name as a testimony of God’s love and grace. Yugo grew up in Lagos, where he learned the value of hard work and never giving up. Although he sounds foreign, he attributes his accent to attending a high-end primary school in Nigeria. In his leisure time, he makes beats, works out, prays, and plays chess. Yugo discovered his love for making music at a young age and recently collaborated with Bella Alubo, Osa Zelé, and Rebel Rae on the song “Hours. Yugo describes his music as soothing, sweet, and therapeutic, with a lot of different vibes. His new EP, titled “YUGO SZN,” will showcase the evolution of his music over the years, and will introduce his sound to the world. It will be his first mainstream project and will feature different energies and “SZNs.” Yugo has a collaboration with a top African artist on his EP. He sees himself as the most successful young artist in the world in the next five years.