A pioneering new app is transforming how we perceive and rate public restrooms. Say hello to Potty Snob, the innovative platform that is changing the game in restroom hygiene and comfort. Potty Snob isn’t just an app – it’s a movement aimed at elevating the standards of public restroom facilities.
With Potty Snob, users have the power to rate and review restrooms based on cleanliness, accessibility, and amenities, enabling them to voice their opinions and shape the future of restroom experiences. This feedback loop not only empowers consumers but also incentivizes businesses to enhance their facilities to meet the high standards of their customers. We caught up with founder, Ashley Graham, the visionary behind the innovative app, Potty Snob.

What was your inspiration for starting Potty Snob? 

Ashley: The inspiration behind Potty Snob runs deep and spans over a decade. It all began with the birth of my first daughter 13 years ago, a moment that unveiled a surprising discomfort whenever faced with the prospect of changing her diaper in public restrooms. As she grew into toddlerhood and mastered the art of potty training, my aversion to public facilities intensified to the point where I opted to keep a portable potty in my vehicle rather than endure the perceived filth of public restrooms.

Now, with three daughters and another on the brink of potty training, my scrutiny of restroom conditions has become second nature. It’s become routine for me to inquire about the quality of restrooms when considering a restaurant or event venue.

Do you believe in work life balance and if so, how do you maintain it?

Ashley: I don’t know if I believe in balance, but I believe in fostering harmony between the two. I’ve come to understand that achieving work-life balance can feel overwhelming, especially when comparing my journey to that of other moms and wives. Having been an entrepreneur before taking on the roles of wife and mother, I realized that surrendering or diminishing that part of my identity would be unfair to both myself and my family. Instead, I’ve adopted a strategy of setting firm boundaries to cultivate a sense of harmony between my professional and personal lives.

How do you define success as an entrepreneur?

Ashley: As an entrepreneur, success hinges on two fundamental questions: Have I remained true to my word, consistently following through on my commitments? And, am I delivering my utmost effort in serving my clients and executing my work?

What are the benefits of using the app?

Ashley: The benefits of using the app extend far beyond just accessing clean restrooms. Packed with essential features, our app goes beyond the basics, addressing key concerns that users may encounter when seeking restroom facilities. From the availability of unisex or family restrooms to accommodations for individuals with disabilities, the presence of nursing rooms, the availability of toilet seat covers, and the accessibility of changing tables in both men’s and women’s restrooms, we leave no stone unturned in ensuring a comprehensive user experience.

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Photo Credit: Courtesy of Ashley Graham