Green Soothies, a cannabis & CBD company was created after Unique Walker experiences a major heartbreak. I kept saying “I wish there was something to take this pain away,” says Unique. Because of what she was experiencing, headaches, lack of sleep, no appetite, and complete paralyzation by the pain- she knew that it had to be something to stop all these things. “I had never used marijuana in my life,” says Unique. One day Unique’s cousin brought her a Cannabis Brownie and it was on from there. “All I can remember is that after taking the brownie, I woke up feeling so good and feeling a whole lot better.” After doing a lot of research, that’s when she was equipped with much more knowledge about CBD and Delta-8 THC. Soon thereafter, a Cannabis Chemist was hired to formulate the perfect product line for Black Women who suffer from anxiety, insomnia, pain, and heartbreak. CBD and cannabis gave me the relief I needed to be productive so that I could still function while I processing my grief and pain. I wanted to create something to help black women find relief outside of prescription drugs.”

Sheen had the opportunity to have a brief conversation with Unique.

Please tell the reading audience about yourself and your business. 

Unique: Green Soothies is a cannabis brand for Black women who need relief from anxiety, insomnia, heartbreak, depression, and pain.

What can people expect from you in this next quarter of 2021?

Content. We will be focused on content development and our new ambassador and affiliate program “Good Girls Gone Green.” This program is designed to help more black women enter the cannabis industry legally. 

What is the one thing you know for sure?

Our products are Grade A; top of the line. I hired a cannabis chemist to help me create formulas that target relief for women. Our nighttime gummies have delta-8 THC and melatonin. We also have a very special Aromatherapy Massage Oil Candle. Our goal is to help “Black Women” receive the relief and relaxation they need.     

What advice would you give to the entrepreneur who wants to give up?

Be consistent. Be consistent. Be consistent. Don’t be afraid to be seen at the bottom. Stay focused and avoid distractions.  

How can we stay connected with you and follow your entrepreneurial journey?

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Visit our website today. You can reach us by e-mail at

Featured Image courtesy of Unique Walker