United we stand, divided we fall. . .  As we all continue to walk forward into the new year, lets continue to be hopeful because it’s not over yet. Now that we have leaped into 2021, there has been great things happening to kick off the year and we are only days into it. As I scrolled social media, there was so much eagerness to finally put the year 2020 behind. It has been quite the season for everyone. As we ended the year, there were so many different prophesy and outlook for what is to come.  On NYE, I was able to hear from several different Pastors from the comfort of my home; and there was a message that stood out. 2021 is a new year, but the same season. 6 days into the new year, it was evident that the adversity of 2020 followed us.

In May of 2020, many Americans rallied and protested that enough was enough and that we would stand against systemic racism. People from all ethnicity spoke up against the divisiveness in this country and the systemic racism that takes place. People are tired of the direction that our country is going into and decided they would stand so that change would come. Ending the year was hopeful, our government was sending necessary aid and provided a stimulus check to help keep the economy going and there was talk of more relief soon. Memes were coming across all platforms and people were making jokes about why they did not receive their check.  It was a moment of laughter and it felt good to read something outside of the disheartens of COVID-19 and everything else that has been going on.

Five days into the new year, anxiety was flying high and many people were cheering on Georgia voters to go out and vote for the Senate Runoff. It was a moment that would create change and change is what we all have been hoping for. We cannot sit back and do nothing, and watch leaders fail us. Our voice must be heard; and the people did just that. They showed up to the polls and made a statement once again. The ending results was in favor of one party, but not so favored by the other. Our President is so unhappy about the election that he is using all tactics to have it overturned. The behavior and words of our President is causing more damage than good to our country. The results of the election turned into an invasion of the Capitol Building. Covered by all media outlet, “US Capitol on lockdown after Donald Trump Supporters breach building;” As Americans watch this shameful act of rebellion, many African Americans commented on Facebook, “what happened to blue lives matters?” “If this was someone that looked like me, would I still be alive?” “What punishment can we expect for such behavior?” “Does this type of behavior warrant prison time?” I even read a post that said, “we’re not asking you to shoot them like you shoot us, we’re asking you to NOT shoot us like you don’t shoot them.” No matter how we angle this situation, it will always look the same. African Americans will continue to see just how much their lives are valued every time the response is different when the color of skin is different.

We’re all holding on to hope that this change will be the beginning of a rise and not a fall. That we would be united and not divided. That our country could someday stand together. We have made a statement that we no longer want to live like this, we just hope that someone is listening.