Isabel Rojas Lopez is a career woman with an entrepreneurial spirit, her mission is to empower others to embrace their greatness. In May of 2020, after tragically losing her younger brother Jonathan Rojas to suicide. Isabel felt it was her duty to be the voice for the voiceless, which lead her to launch a Healing Looks Great on You LLC.

Can you tell everyone who is Isabel Rojas Lopez?

Isabel: Isabel Rojas Lopez is a work-preneur born and raised in the Bronx. A career woman with an entrepreneurial spirit. I knew I wanted to own my own business at a young age. I always aspire to do more and have enjoyed helping others. A mother to Arianna, who is 15 years old and the light of my
eyes, wife to Nelson Lopez, and overall passionate about great causes especially shedding light around mental health awareness and suicide. I obtained my master’s degree in Public Administration and graduated Magna Cum Laude. A six-time published author and the proud owner of Rojas Publishing ( and Healing Inc. ( Overall, a woman on a mission to spread awareness and encourage kindness and self-love.

Can you tell us what is Healing Looks Great on You LLC?

Isabel: Healing Looks Great on You is a candle company started after a tragic loss. In 2020 I lost my younger brother Jonathan Rojas to suicide. I have always been in the space of promoting self-care and self-love, and after this tragic loss, I needed to find a healthy way to grieve and, I felt that I needed to bring awareness because I knew too well the pain that someone deals with when they have a mental illness and the shame that surrounds it. The candles are hand-poured in New York State by me.

They are 100 % soy wax which is a natural wax. They are blended with the most refined oils and packaged with a special message that promotes self-care and self-love. The mission and vision of Healing Looks Great on You is to remind everyone that comes across one of our products that Healing Looks Great on You!

What motivated you to open your publication company, Rojas Publishing?

Isabel: I’ve always been an avid reader; I love a good memoir, which led me to open up my own publishing company. I also had a fantastic mentor by the name of Taurea Vision Avant, who encouraged me to follow my heart in the publishing business. My passion is to help aspiring and seasoned authors share their stories via memoir writing.

Being a six-time published author, can you tell us about how it felt from your first book being published to now your sixth book?

Isabel: When I first published my very book, which was back in 2003, is a collection of poems, I was nervous, and that imposter syndrome took over. I wasn’t well versed in the author space, so I faced some challenges that held me back. Fast forward to my latest book, “The Work-Preneur I Her”, I felt a sense of confidence because I now know my purpose and walking in that purpose feels terrific.

I am now more confident in my work and my vulnerability. I know my worth and it feels incredible to free myself from judgment finally. There is a feeling of security from being confident in your work.

What does it mean to you to be able to allow others to have their hard work published and reach their next goal as authors?

Isabel: It means a lot to me when my clients trust me with the process of publishing their work. The courage to release your work is unexplainable, and I take great joy in being part of that process with my authors. My advice is always your story is not yours to keep.

Where would you like to see Healing Looks Great on You LLC and Rojas Publishing in the next 5 to 10 years?

Isabel: In five years, the vision I have for Rojas Publishing is to continue encouraging authors and aspiring authors to share their stories and impact their audience in a way that only their unique stories can. Healing Inc.’s vision is to expand into major retailers and create a community of self-awareness while spreading awareness around the importance of self-care and mental wellness. I don’t ever want to lose sight of my purpose for both of my businesses.

What advice can you provide to those that would like to start a small business, women-owned business?

Isabel: My advice is to stay focused on your lane, don’t look left, don’t look right, keep your eyes on your own prize, and water your own grass so it will become green and flourish. All you must do is tend to it with patience and love. Please do your due diligence to learn every aspect that it takes to run your business.

Follow your passion, and don’t allow the lack of support to deter you from fulfilling your purpose. The road will get lonely, don’t be afraid of the No’s and allow those disappointments to fuel your passion. Also, it’s ok to pause and give yourself grace; however, don’t pause for too long and don’t lose your passion. Lastly, don’t be afraid of failure. It’s in that failure where you will learn your biggest lessons and your most significant breakthroughs.

What would you like our views to gain from this interview?

Isabel: I would love for anyone reading this article to know that no matter what you are experiencing in life, you are enough, you are in control, and no one is allowed to make you feel any less. So go after your dreams, start that business, write that book, take the leap, and know you will never be fully ready. Just start, and the rest will follow. You are worth the investment. Believe in yourself.

How can people connect with you and learn more about the companies?

Isabel: I would love to connect with you. I can be reached via Instagram

via email

Website and