One of the greatest things you can live off is the drive you’ve given to what makes you happy. As an upcoming designer, Mary “Indigo” Imaj grew off impact by turning heads to her very first handbag that she created for all. It started at the beginning of 2020 during quarantine, giving time and thought to how she wanted to be seen. The culture extended its flowers by viewing Imaj as more than a designer but as an up-and-coming “It” factor. Already having a few things in mind, it was time to turn nothing into something. Leading to her very first designer bag named “indigo,” stapled giving lewks for the girls. “First thought: huge and puffy. I never knew what color I wanted, but I wanted something rich and made you feel rich.”

Being reasonably new into the industry, one thing that is reminded when creating is for others to be aware that they’ve never seen it before. Her inspirations carried through the process to what we see today. With a following from social media, her lane elevates in whatever she chooses to pursue.

“Honestly speaking, I didn’t know that this was going to be the path that I chose. Fashion has always been a love of mine, but now I get to do what I love as my career, and it’s such a joyous feeling but is still very new to me. I’m still grasping the fact that this is my life now, but I can’t wait to see what else I can create.” Holding the momentum as weight, Imaj continues to think bigger and better for what is to come. “As I continue to grow, I want to make big bags the stable piece for everything. Nothing can ever be too big to me,” she said.

Following up on what it means to “make it” within the industry, “I think that I’m getting closer and closer to where I want to be, but I don’t feel as though I have “made it” yet. I’m not sure if I will ever have that feeling. I always want more.” When asked what the girls can look forward to, along with feeling content in her work thus far, Imaj releases comfort from within. She explains, “In this very moment, I am proud of myself but not content at all. I want to accompany more and make a name for myself. I plan on expanding through all variations of creativity and dedicate a lot of my work to children. They are my passion.” Leaving final words to live by as to why Imaj is indeed the IT girl, “You are the IT girl, you are doing the thing. Everything I create is for me first. All great things take time, and no matter what, never give up on your passion.”