If you have siblings then you know they can be a blessing, a nuisance, or help guide us in some occasions. Let’s not forget the comparisons from time to time. Dexter Tucker, brother of famed comedian and actor Chris Tucker, is shaking things up and letting the world know; he has arrived. Recently SHEEN had the pleasure to catch up with Dexter in between projects and find out more about just who this strikingly handsome and multi-talented young man really is.

SHEEN: Ok so first let’s get this out the way. You are a part of a very famous family. Let’s talk about it.

DEXTER: Yes, I am a proud member of the Tucker family. We are truly blessed. Everyone knows my younger brother, Chris Tucker, who has had great success in entertainment. Many don’t know this, but half of my family works in the entertainment field right now. I grew up in a very funny household.  

SHEEN: So with deciding your career path that you wanted to take, what made you embark on this particular journey?

DEXTER: I was born into entrepreneurship.  My father owned a cleaning company, and my brothers and I worked for my father.  So, naturally, I had an entrepreneurial spirit.  I went into the trucking industry and started my own trucking company.  However, shortly after my brother’s success, we opened a comedy club that I managed.  Working closely with the other comedians, they always tried convincing me to get on stage and perform.  Eventually, on a dare, I did.  That first night on stage, I caught the bug.  Honestly, my goal has always been to transition my comedy work into acting and filmmaking.  These two aspects of entertainment are where my true passion lies. 

 SHEEN: Let’s talk about your new project, “Wide Open: The Andre Rison Story”

DEXTER: The Wide Open: The Andre Rison Story is a phenomenal project.  I’m truly honored to work with my business partners and Andre Rison on the film.  This project has been in the works for several years, and I am proud to say that we independently funded the project and have major distribution.  The movie is good and can be streamed on Amazon Prime, Apple TV, Google Play, and Tubi.  The film is the story of the life of Andre Rison. It’s not only a football movie but a period piece that stretches from the 70s to the 2000s.  It’s also a romantic love story and music-driven with a touch of comedy.  We put so much energy into the project to make it a classic that will stand the test of time.  

SHEEN: You’ve been in several other films as well? Was there ever a role you portrayed that made you truly dig deep?

DEXTER: The first film that my partner Jerry D. May did was called Jimmy Did You Get One, which also had global distribution. I had to play the father of a kidnapped child and being of three daughters myself. I had to channel the thought of one of my children being kidnapped. It required me to evoke emotion that could be conveyed on the screen. 

SHEEN: What have been some of your favorite techniques to study while taking this path?

DEXTER: One of my favorite techniques that help me study my craft is hands-on experience and professional instruction.  You could say my performances were my audition for my film roles.  Most of my roles were secured from people seeing me perform on stage outside of my films.    I’ve also studied with Tyga Graham to enhance my acting.  My stage play work has also allowed me on-the-job training for my film roles. 

SHEEN: Speed round. What are your top 3 must watch comedies?

DEXTER: Life, Harlem Nights, and Money Talks  

SHEEN: What would you say is the greatest misconception about you?

DEXTER: The biggest misconception of me is that I have achieved the levels of success that I have overnight. Honestly, I’ve been working to achieve my goals for the last 20 years, and I’m just getting started.  

SHEEN: If you could collaborate with anyone right now, who would it be?

DEXTER: I would love to collaborate with Denzel Washington, Samual Jackson, John Travolta, Storm Reid, and, of course, my brother Chris T.  

SHEEN: What additional projects do you have coming out?

DEXTER: We are really excited to announce that we have several projects lined up. These are the sequel to Jimmy Did You Get One, a comedy called 5 Heros, and a sports reality series called Ball Like Me.   

SHEEN: Will there be any collabs with your brother anytime soon? 

DEXTER: Stay tuned, you never know.

Dexter really is out here doing his thing. With his last name already being a household name, it’s no surprise that he is personally out here doing what needs to be done to show the world just who DEXTER is, an actor, comedian, writer, and producer who’s stepping into his own spotlight. We look forward to keeping up with all of his projects and wish him much success.

Link to the website that has Photos, Trailer, Synopsis:

Instagram: @dextertucker_1

Photo Credits: Courtesy of Dexter Tucker