When it comes to branding and business leadership CEO-ISHHH is taking the lead as the expert in PR/Mentoring/Business Coaching. CEO-ISHHH who had humble beginnings from Trinidad knew he wanted to make a name for himself in the entertainment industry I had the opportunity to sit and get to know more about CEO-ISHHH.
Who is CEO-ISHHH ?
I am an African American-Trinidadian entrepreneur, wealth coach, business strategist, and celebrity publicist. I am  a serial entrepreneur I’ve also  founded a number of businesses. I am is a highly acclaimed entrepreneur, I enjoy using my platform to motivate and inspire others.
Tell us about how you use your Social Media Platform?
Most people use their social media for negativity, as an entrepreneur, mentor, and motivator I use my platform to uplift my community.
What kind of business coaching do you provide?  
Business coaching, lifeCoaching, & teaching my students how to manifest their dream life with the law of attraction!!
Where can people find you?
Find out more about  me “CEO-ISHHH”  by following my social media:
Instagram @Ceo_Ishhh