Monique Denton, known as the “Chief Connector” is the founder of Embrace Your CAKE, LLC a Minority Women Business certified organization and the #1 Global Network for Women Entrepreneurs, Sisters Inspire Sisters. Monique is a sought after transformational speaker, TedX speaker, certified life transformation coach, 5x amazon best selling author, and philanthropist supporting women’s entrepreneurship. Most recently Monique worked on a project with the incomparable Les Brown and through this book collaboration made the Amazon’s International Best Sellers list. 

Please tell us more Monique 

Being raised by a single mother and living in a low income community, Monique understands the struggles that women, minorities and the underprivileged face on a daily basis regarding lack of diversity, equity and inequality in education, opportunity, resources and income. Monique’s leadership in community advocacy and service started at a very young age as a member of the NAACP, Black and Puerto Rican Caucus, and the National Action Network just to to name a few. 

What Inspires you to do the things that you do ?

Monique contributes her compassion to her late mother Iris A. Johnson, CEO of the largest non-profit employer in Nassau County, New York, who instilled in her the importance of education and the power of using your voice to impact others and make change. Monique has taken the baton and continues to show women worldwide what’s possible when they believe in themselves, have access to the right resources, the right strategies and the right supportive community to back your vision. 

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Through Embrace Your CAKE and the Sisters Inspire Sisters Network, Monique, the Chief Connector, has transformed the lives of hundreds of women through her transformational speaking, business growth and development education, sisterhood and community networks, business funding, revenue generating collaborations, entrepreneurship and increased personal/business brand credibility and awareness. In addition, through Monique’s book anthology series which empowers women to use their voice and share their stories; over seventy women have become published authors creating their own speaking platforms. 

Named Chairperson of the NYS Long Island Million Woman Community Development and Unity Circle, Monique works collaboratively with the founders in providing programming, networking and opportunities to women and families on a National level supporting the original National Million Woman March platform and initiatives. 


Please tell our sheen readers more about your leadership skills ?

Monique has held numerous leadership positions in the human resources field, including Human Resources Director, Training and Recruitment Director, Executive Recruiter and Corporate Trainer. She is certified in Human Resource Management, Diversity Equity and Inclusion, Nonviolent Crisis Intervention, Non-Profit Management and Community Leadership. She holds a Degree in Business Management. 

Utilizing all of her experiences when working with clients, she strategizes not only on their personal lives but also their careers and businesses. She works collaboratively with members to identify personal goals and aspirations, career/business goals, personal development and accountability. She believes that empowerment and opportunity allows women and men to break through barriers, uncover their true potential and create wealth. Monique’s work defines true impact with intention. Monique is a member of mogul Lola’Tomorrow’s, Faith Figures 2022 mentorship program 

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