Sometimes we go through things in our lives that put us in situations that make us shut down. Sometimes you experience challenges that make you feel alone. You may have been through a breakup or lost a job, or maybe a loved one that just makes you not okay anymore and you’re trying to find yourself again. It’s not weird and its normal to feel this way.  Understand what you’re experiencing is okay and it may even be a steppingstone to your next level in life. You have a right to feel broken even hurt, but you cannot sit in that place forever. Take the time to heal; explore that pain and go through the process to find happiness within again. A great way to start could be journaling about the experience. Ask yourself how you move forward. If its healing from a breakup I would step out a little further and ask myself what about that person made me so happy and compare it to what they did that hurt me. Now that you’ve explored those areas, remember that it’s your job to heal. What you cannot do is move on and expect the next person in your life to fill the holes that will make you whole again. If you do, you will only be back to the same place expecting to heal and move on. Be the happiness you need for yourself. In reality, it’s about what you want anyway; you are projecting on to others what you desire for you. Give yourself that wholeness you seek, and you will never look for it in the world again. Remember, we complete ourselves and when we meet that special someone, they add to what we already have.