You don’t have to be a teen mom because your mother was

You don’t have to be an absent father because of your dad

Know what this experience did to you and how it affected your life

It should make you desire more for yourself and your future.

You should never want for your child to know the meaning of struggle

To know what it’s like to hear you say ‘I can’t do it or afford it’

Don’t be mad at that baby for crying because you’re tired

That child didn’t ask to be here and its selfish

Its selfish that you would want to take away from their experience

And their development because you wanted what you wanted when you wanted it

If you don’t have the time or the means

Don’t put yourself in a situation you’ll regret

Live your life doing what you want before you have kids

If you don’t see your baby traveling with you,

If you can’t imagine being a parent for the rest of your life

Stop playing Russian Roulette with your body

And if you’re going to have a baby with someone,

At least make sure their responsible enough to step up

Make sure they are in a place where they can handle it themselves

So that your baby won’t experience the feelings of an absent parent,

A dead beat or someone who just doesn’t want them

It’s okay to be young and I understand life happens

But if you can break the curse

Give your seed the opportunities you wanted

Put yourself in the position to be available for the field trips

The school meetings, parent teacher conferences, and all the other events

Don’t look back and wish you would have waited

Enjoy your freedom while you can

Because you don’t know what your future may hold

And you don’t have to create barriers that weren’t designed to be there

No child is a barrier but requirements for children are more than you think

It’s not until people have kids they realize how challenging it is

It’s all love and smiles when you’re ready

But make sure that you are before you do

That’s one change that can’t be reversed

Make your life easier and make their lives enjoyable

Because it’s all worth it in the end

Now take your time and create the future you desire for not only them,

But for you too