“A sweet friendship refreshes the soul.” – Proverbs 27:9

Sometimes there are such things as asking the severe questions to someone you love and putting them up to the pedestal, especially if you see them as family. There’s a time where you must consider your “strong friends” because they might be secretly crumbling.

It’s time to check up on your friends, and a text sometimes won’t cut it.

It has come to my attention, and yes, I may be a late bloomer, but friendships, especially in the adult category, come in hand with emotional stress. I guess it depends on the history and the closeness with you and your friends or even closer to your best friend.

As a best friend, we are one of the individuals who notice the last change in their wellbeing, especially their personality that we loved in the first place.

With this in mind, talking about mental health shouldn’t be a burden or ashamed when it comes to healing and even considering treatment. However, no one will disprove that facing our spiritual crisis is much more comfortable. Unlike strange things that maybe upon us in life, it’s famously said that it does take a village and even therapy. The key is to be a part of the village.

During this process, there some question you might want to ask

  1. How is your mental illness?

And the response of “it’s okay or meh.” Isn’t the answer that going to help during this conversation, and it’s unacceptable honestly.

  1. Anything you need to tell me

Pride ruins everything especially when it may feel like they are a total burden. We must remind them every time they are not.

  1. The effects of mental illness

Give them the understanding,” I do see that you are withdrawn, either conversation, you’re eating habits, or even the way you dress.” Yes, I see it’s clear as water. I’m here for support. I’ll always be your listening ear. You still have to explain what’s going on. And remember, always ask, “how are you doing.” And excellent isn’t acceptable.

Some of these questions can be plain for most, but they say a lot, especially when it comes to actions attached to them. Being a friend doesn’t mean taking selfies and listening to gossip.

During their time of need, it’s your job to let them know whatever they are going through. they are not going through it alone even if you can’t be there physically, you can be there emotionally. However, by doing this, remember you need time, space, and breathing room. Don’t dust your best friend’s issues on yourself.

This will cause harm and wake up problems you didn’t know you had or even remember.