Music will always be my first love and save haven, and it even saved my life a time or two.

I always told this, “God may have scrambled your brain, but he gave you a voice to make it for it.”

I laugh every time because it is true. For years I sang but never went for it professionally due to lack of support and fear it was only recently I started to sing in public but, that will not last forever. However, during my time trying to revalue my life again, I seemed blessed with individuals who were musically blessed and mean blessed.

Here are some things that I do to show support but for you to get your friends out there, even if they do not even ask.

Listen to their music. 

Well, let us, with the obvious, honestly listen to their music; it is the easiest way to support them. It is easy to be supportive in words and tell your musicians friends that you are praying for them. I wish them good fortune and destiny. However, nothing means more to them than to listen to their projects, singles, or even snippets.

The understanding of musical platforms can be tricky, but here is my understanding of streaming. It is the most common way people listen to music today; however, it also disreputably wages artists very little, which is unfortunate. However, there are other ways to help your musically blessed friends, such as: buying their projects, special editions, iTunes, and so much more.

The Rules of Like, Subscribe and Experience 

With the assistance of social media and other musical platforms, there is no secret that it has its defects. However, there is no doubt that it also gives musicians a valuable platform, especially the hungry and driven artist. By doing these three directions, you are merely helping them start or thrive through their career, either sharing updates and exciting news, giving them feedback on new tracks, or even art for their album cover. Everything helps even if it means to grow their career. Also, by doing this, you expose them to new people and even people in the music industry you might even know.

Remind them of their talent and their unique individuality

Creating is integrally an actual individual action; it is communal for artists to reflect a tune to be a postponement of their exact existence. So, the answer it obtains, whether optimistic or undesirable, can be incorrectly secured to their logic of self-confidence.

However, remind them that their individuality is distinct from the possessions they have generated. Embolden them with the inflexible certainty that they are a child of God.