Making a breakthrough is based on approach, energy, and passion. Rachel Kylian proves across the board when it comes to all three. With just a few previous roles under her belt, Kylian is an upcoming actress whose name is creating none other than motivation. In her current role as Lois on a new show, Physical is available on Apple TV, Kylian expressed how the show was “amazing.” Since she grew up during the ’90s in France this was deemed as an opportunity to prove her love for the ’80s as well as her love for fitness.

During the earlier phases of COVID-19, Kylian took it upon herself to do what she loved that being acting. “I received an audition from my manager for the role of Lois, back in October or November of last year. So I had to send a self-tape because now there’s no more in-person casting. So I record myself, I send the audition. And then a few weeks later, I heard back that I do the role. I was supposed to shoot in December but then that was postponed. We should in January, I think,” Rachel recalls. Like anything else in life, Kylian found her way into a cutthroat industry.

To Rachel it is more than just a job, but a passion as well. Each going hand in hand, which led her to the role she has today and the roles she is looking to do in the future. When asked about what can fans expect in the future, Kylian responds “I became creative and start writing scripts. I wanted to tell a story about death because a lot of people are afraid of dying. But it’s a normal thing. Everybody dies, I wrote a story about death as a comedy. So, it’s going to come out, hopefully later this year. We are in post-production right now. And that’s my next coming project is called  It’s Time.

Adding diversity to the list of achievements, Kylian continues to explore her options as well as remembers Physical as an “A fun thing to do because I love comedy. The crew and cast were nice. So, I really like that.” But the most outstanding thing for Kylian was working with an all-women team for her episode, from showrunner Annie Weisman to the director, Stephanie Land, and writer, Rosa Handelman, along with Rose Byrne as the lead.  Like none other, this is her time to receive nothing but the best in her future endeavors.

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