Producers this is your sign to keep on creating those beats. You never know which rap stars will be looking for new tunes for the albums. J. Cole dropped a new song today but this song has a background story behind it. J. Cole was on Youtube just searching for beats, he typed in “J. Cole Type Beats” and blessed the producer Bvtman. Bvtman has many beats on his Youtube page that pay tribute to J. Cole, Drake, Nipsey Hussle and many more. Bvtman received a text message from Ibrahim Hamad the co-founder of Dreamville records and the rest is history. I’m sure this is moment that he will never forget.

This is huge move for the producer and J. Cole because fans get a new Cole track and the producer will gain new fans. What a amazing way to start 2023, are you feeling this new track? Comment below with your thoughts.

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