J.R.Clark is focused and getting to his bag. Based in Virginia Beach, Virginia, the rapper, songwriter, and engineer is here to remind aspiring artists all around the world that you don’t need a major label to be successful — but rather the independent route can be just as lucrative. Inspired by the likes of Rick Ross, Curren$y, J.Cole, Dave East, and Nipsey Hussle, J.R.Clark creates from a real place, spitting his truth with each release.

Now, he returns with his newest single titled “Open Season,” featuring Buddah. Read below as he discusses the inspiration, and what he fans to take from the song.

What inspired “Open Season”?

The meaning behind “Open Season” is a slang expression used across the projects in the United States. Precisely, people who come from the street life frequently use this term when someone or something is currently being criticized or violently attacked. Today’s Hip-Hop music is infected by violent wordplay and murderous imagery. Every rapper is making songs about disrespecting the dead, lyrics about sliding on the opps, and making music videos pointing assault rifles at the camera to convey a bloody message. 

My music highlights and points out flaws in this style of rap music. When rappers speak death and prison into existence it is bound to happen. This song is flooded with heavy 808s, autotune, and intelligent lyrics to drive home a point about the consequences of drill music. 

The inspiration behind “Open Season” was fueled by the death of rappers like PNB Rock, JayDaYoungan, Young Dolph, MO3, and Nipsey Hussle. This song shows that being a rapper is the most dangerous profession in the world, and rappers should invest a lot more into counterintelligence measures to ensure safety when traveling instead of flaunting wealth online through social media people who do not have access to the entertainer lifestyle. When rappers make themselves a target, it’s unfortunate they have to die by gun violence. But on another note, their music soars through the roof on all streaming platforms and they get media coverage on all outlets. 

“Open Season” shows that a dark cloud surrounds hip-hop culture and no one person is safe from the rules of the streets.

What do you want fans to take away from the record?

There is a thin line between being a rapper and being in the streets doing illegal activity. I tell a lot of young people who are pursuing a rap career to stay focused, stay disciplined, and stay motivated. You’re going to have ups and downs in this journey and at the same rate, you have to know your end goal and what are you trying to accomplish. Precisely, what does your 5 or 10-year plan look like? Do you want to stay independent or partner with a major label? 

All is obtainable with the right state of mind. On the other hand, people who try to straddle the fence between being an entertainer and being in the streets usually have a short future that results in death, homicide, and or being investigated by local and federal law enforcement. To sum it all up: have fun, but be wise. Carry yourself like a reputable brand and business, and keep tunnel vision

What’s one thing you want fans to know about you?

I’m in my home studio right now working on a new album. I really do not have a projected release date, I’m just taking my time with it to ensure everything is lined up right. Hopefully, I can partner and release the album with a major machine to get those top-tier A-list celebrity looks. More importantly, I dropped two projects this year: “The Motivational Type” and “My State of Mind: The Prelude.” Continue to follow me on my journey as an independent artist and if you haven’t streamed the albums yet be sure to tap in.