If you have yet to hear of Jackboy, it’s time to get familiar. Boasting one of the most loyal fanbases in the rap game currently, the rising star exploded onto the scene under the wings of Kodak Black, who went on to sign him to his Sniper Gang imprint. Hailing from Pompano Beach, Florida, Jackboy creates music for the trenches where he was born and raised, giving people hope that if he can make it out, they can too.

Most recently, Jackboy unleashed his highly-anticipated new project titled Jackboy 2. The 15-track project boasts standout features from Money Man and Fireboy DML, the latter of whom is his labelmate at independent label EMPIRE. Additionally, Jackboy has been very vocal about his desire to give back to his people in Haiti, even starting a GoFundMe to help those suffering from the aftermath of the earthquake.

Sheen Magazine caught up with Jackboy moments before his opening set for Tee Grizzley at The Roxy in Los Angeles.

For those who don’t know, who is Jackboy?

Jackboy is a fly ass lil dude, that’s Jack. 

Drip check! What you got on?

Amiri, Amiri, Dior. 8-piece Cartier’s, Johnny Dang on the chains.

How much are those chains?

Shit, about $70K. $70K on my neck, got the other chain over there. We ain’t putting that on, we ain’t giving too much.

I saw you in the matching leopard! Where do you get your fashion inspo from?

My fashion, I just want to be different from everybody else so I really go in and look at it. I’ve got a kind of style where I like Amiri and Dior, so I stick to that. I seen Amiri had a leopard jacket, and I knew “Aight, people ain’t gon’ know how to wear that. Let me show them how it’s supposed to be done, so they could feel comfortable wearing it after.”

Besides Amiri, what are your favorite brands?

Dior, Celine, Fendi, Louis Vuitton. That’s about it. 

Who or what inspired “Motorbike”?

“She be riding that, like a motor!” [Singing] The girl that do that, the girl that rides it like a motorbike. She inspired that song. [laughs] I can’t give no name. 

How much are you dropping on a female?

If I like her, shit the world. I don’t just fuck with anybody so if I like her, the world. You got me. 

One thing you want people to get from Jackboy 2?

One thing I want people to get from Jackboy 2 is to see my elevation, to see “Aight, he’s progressing.” That’s the only thing. Whatever else they get, that’s extra, but I really want them to see the progression. 

You have a song called “Don’t Mistake Me For A Rapper.” Can you explain?

You know… it might be a blog, it might be a person. It might be whatever. It might come at you like, “Aight, this the look I got of rappers in life, I feel like I can do this with him too.” But nah. I rap, but don’t mistake me for [everybody else].

What’s your favorite Nipsey Hussle song?

I like the one with him and Roddy Ricch, “Racks In The Middle”. That’s the one that I know the most. I heard of him, but I didn’t really get to it only because I’m from the East Coast. After he passed, I said “alright let me give some of his music a chance.” So I heard more, but that was really the one I gravitated to the most like aight, this is a banger, banger forreal forreal.




All images by Josh Charow